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|[[MS Azalea Arctic|Azalea Arctic]]
|[[MS Azalea Arctic|Azalea Arctic]]

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Cape Cambridge Regional Seaport or Cape Cambridge Seaport (CMB), is the primary seaport for the town of Cape Cambridge.

Image of the seaport


Gate Number Type Company Line (optional) Destinations Status
1 Boat Hummingbird Boat Lines  61  Kalmia Line Port Smith Active
2 Boat Hummingbird Boat Lines Inactive
3 Boat SandBoat Sand Inactive
4 Boat MARCBoat Line  1  Inactive
5 Boat MARCBoat Inactive
S1 Seaplane Clipper Airlines Oparia, Sansvikk Active
S2 Seaplane FlyLumeva Turbula Flight TR014 Kazeshima Active
S3 Seaplane HarbourAir Miu Wan Active
S4 Seaplane ViaFly SeaLink Inactive
S5 Seaplane ViaFly SeaLink Inactive
7 Boat Azuma Boats Villĕ Active
8 Boat ForkSail Newston Active
9 Boat Transneige Maritime Inactive
10 Boat Inactive
11 Boat Azalea Cruises Azalea Arctic Dogwood Active