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Cattington Action News Now

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Notice: All reporting has stopped indefinitely on Discord due to my current hatred of Discord.

Cattington Action News Now or CANN for short. It is a news company that is not biased, satirical, or exaggerated in any way. It is part of Malachite Brodcasting, which is a subsidary of Malachite Group. It’s CEO and founder is Purrcat2010. It also does news on the MRT Discord Media Channel and the MRT Media Chat Channel.

MRT News

Rule Made Against Disrespectful Dissent at August 2018 GSM

At the August 2018 GSM, a new rule made disrespectful dissent warnable on the MRT Server. The new rule's idea came from Frumple, after a few recent bans of players in which this kind of dissent was involved. However, this rule only applies to dissent that is done disrespectfully.

Socialist Kingdom of Cattington News

Camp Cat Peak Nears Completion

Camp Cat Peak is close to completion. It is the first military base in the Socialist Kingdom of Cattington . The base is in the Kingdom’s capital city Cattington. Purrcat2010 is building it,who hopes that this will aid in getting Cattington the Senator Rank.

Second Senator Request Submitted

Purrcat2010, leader of the SKoC, submitted a promotion request for Senator. This is Cattington's second attempt to get the rank. Purrcat2010 hopes for the best.