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The Cattington Unity Party is a political party on the MRT. It is classified as center-left with the political spectrum. Currently, it has only one member, Purrcat2010. It is active currently in two states and no MPOs. Even though it has “Cattington” in the name, anyone can join as it is for all of the MRT as it’s motto says.

Quick Facts

Founder: Purrcat2010

Leader: Purrcat2010

Assistant Leader: Vacant, speak on the talk page if you want this position. The only catch is to join the CUP

Public Relations: Vacant, speak on the talk page if you want this position. The only catch is to join the CUP.

Classification: Center-left

States/MPOs Active: Socialist Kingdom of Cattington, Epsilonian Republic

Current Members: 1

Motto: By Cattington, for and of all the MRT.

Party Color: Magenta


These are the ideas we will promote in all of the states/MPOs we are a part of. However, we accept members of all political beliefs in this party. Do note that contrary to what it’s called in the RoE (Cattington Unionist), the CUP is not unionist. The name Cattington Unionist came from a miscommunication that still hasn’t been corrected.

-We will ensure that the rights of freedom of religion, speech, media, among others are protected.

-Pursuant to the previous one, we are trying to prevent discrimination in any way in the organizations we are in.

-We think that all MRT political parties (including Independents) have equal right to exist and to ally ourselves with parties with similar beliefs to ours.

-We are for the establishment, yet we feel that in order for the establishment to continue, reforms must be made that will benefit all.

-We believe that the common saying “fair isn’t equal, equal isn’t fair” isn’t accurate. Fairness and Equality are complementary and can’t exist without each other.

-We believe in a common principle of democracy that is “majority rules, minority rights”, which basically means the vote of the majority has the power, yet the same rights are given to minorities as well as the majority.

-We feel that Discord should not be forced on anyone, for any reason, even if the reasons seem good and accommodations should be made for those who can’t or choose not to use Discord.

-We feel that people should be able to freely change their MRT political views without penalty.

-Lastly, we feel that people should be able to freely leave/form new states/MPOs from their current MPO/State without hindrance and/or penalty.

Joining and Members

In order to join the Cattington Unity Party, just add your name to the members list. Said members is provided below this notice. In case you are wondering, we do not have a Discord. This is due to the fact that almost all political parties on the MRT never had Discords as far as Purrcat2010 knows.


Defining Political Moments

The Cattington Unity Party has it’s defining political moments described below.

Joining the RoE

On January 13, 2020, the Socialist Kingdom of Cattington formally announced joining the Epsilonian Republic as the Autonomous Kingdom of Cattington with the CUP as it’s political affiliation. In the Epsilonian Republic, the party is under the name Cattington Unionist, which originated from a miscommunication with ModernArt, the President of the RoE at the time Purrcat2010 joined and still hasn’t been fixed, and has seven seats in the Parliament of the RoE.

Joining the RoE’s Freedom Coalition

Near the end of January, the Cattington Unity Party joined the Freedom Coalition after a voting session by said coalition members. On the Llama Libertarian Party talk page, Purrcat2010 expressed his gratitude for his request to join being approved.

The RoE Presidential Campaign of Purrcat2010

Near the beginning of February, Cattington Unity Party leader Purrcat2010 formally announced his intentions to run for RoE Presidency for the April 2020 Election. Purrcat2010 will ensure Discord won’t be forced at any time and help accommodate those who choose not to use Discord or can’t access it for whatever reason, and bring CUP values to the top of the RoE, and so much more. As the April 2020 Election draws near, Purrcat2010’s campaigning will increase greatly.