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|1 Medium
|Fort Yaxier
| On behalf of Airplaneguy9

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Chan Bay International Airport
Airport type Civilian
Owner MojangChan
Operator Mojang Union
Location Chan Bay, New World
Hub for DAS
Built April 17, 2019
In use April 17, 2019 - ****
Direction Length Surface
ft m
18 / 36 1968 600 Gray Concrete
Statistics (April 2019)
Area tbd
Gates 80
Airlines TBD
Transportation n/a

Chan Bay Airfield is the third air facility built in Chan Bay. It is located in the northern plains of Chan Bay.

  • Municipal Transportation Agency Resolution 3/Airport Gate Purchasing Guidelines (AGPG): This resolution sets the guidelines for purchasing gates in ALL Mojang Union-operated airfields and airports:
    • A SMALL/HELICOPTER gate Costs 10$, A MEDIUM gate costs 20$, A LARGE gate costs 30$. NOTE: Medium-Small Gates are considered MEDIUM GATES, Helicopters use SMALL GATES
    • Gates will be inspected every beginning of the month. A plane/helicopter will be dismantled/gate will be reassigned if: 1)No plane in gate 2)No warp on plane 3)Purchaser has not payed purchasing fee
    • If the above has happened, the purchaser WILL NOT be refunded to ensure that the airline owner is responsible for its shortcomings, unless there is valid appeal.
    • Maximum of 2 PLANES serving one destination (airfield), Maximum of 5 PLANES serving one destination (airport)
    • To be posted in the wiki pages of every Mojang Union-operated airfield and airport
    • Cutting gate request line will result in the automatic ban of the airline from the airfield/airport. NOTE: The gate request line starts ON TOP and ends in the BOTTOM so please put your gate requests on the BOTTOM of the list, Thank You.
      • "Cutting the line": putting your request on top of others who requested first.

Gate Requests

Airline Amount Destination Status* Remarks*
DAS S-14,MS-2,M-4 HUB A My airline
IntraAir MS-1 WMI A
IntraAir M-5 HUB (guaranteed flights to EBI and FYI) A
BluAir S-5,M-4 HUB A
South Weast Charter S -1 NBC A
SunAir M-1 SSI A
mrths air ms-1 or m-1 FYI if M CIA if both A
flihigh airlines small-1 VFW A
Kangaroo Air m or s WMI, LFA, EEA if small, to be determined if medium partial A small only, KA has no record of M plane
SkyTrans M-2, S-2 CWI, FYI, KTI
FlySubway 1 or 2 medium gates TBI and/or KTI (if i get two gates i'll do both) A 1 gate
Wythern Air (EliteNeon) 3 Small (HUB)Guaranteed Air to Wythern and Larkspur; Possible For Spring Valley
Michigana ms-1, s-1 (If you want to know about the MS plane I have I can show you in lab) Small: Itomori,
medium-small: FYI, Kantō
partial A No record of in-service MS plane
Infamous Airlines 5 Small, 2 Medium-small, 3 medium Small: VDA, Brooklyn, WMI, Murrville, Dekuville
Medium-Small: Ice Springs, Sunshine Coast
Medium: Ilirea, FYI, Richville,
Infamous Eagle 1 Small TPA A
FlyCreeper S-1, M-1, H-1 Small: HND & DEA
Medium: FSI
Heli: UHC & SLW
MRT Airlines 1 Small, 1 Medium Small: New Genisys Medium: Kanto partial A Medium Plane is too high and fuselage is too big to fit in gate.
torii 1 small MSA A
MRT Airlines 1 Small West Calbar D You don't have a gate at West Calbar.
FlyCycle 1 Small Deadbush Foxfoe A
Cascadia Airways 1 Medium Ilirea Midcity International A
Waypoint 1 Medium-Small (or) 1 Small Epsilon International Airport partial A MS Gates are full.
MRT Airlines 1 small Larkspur Lilyflower International Airport A
National Airlines 1 medium Ice Springs via Freedon D Medium gates are full. Please reapply if you would like a small gate.
airTotem 1 heli Totem Beach Centro A
OLA 1 small Pasadena A
Ray Airlines 2 small GSZ and MAX partial A Only one gate will be given.
YVA 1 small New Gensokyo, possibly GSM conditional A Given to Yeet Airways.
MRT Airlines 1 small Mojang Town
SolAir 1 Medium Fort Yaxier On behalf of Airplaneguy9


Once approved, you may choose what gate/s you want and you may put your airline and destination in the respective sections of the table.

Gate Airline Destination Status
1 Infamous Airlines Murrville-Arcadia International
Tom Paris-Richville City Airfield
Moramoa Mixed Martial Arts Airfield
On Time
2 Infamous Airlines West Mesa International Airport On Time
3 Infamous Airlines Brooklyn Regional Airport On Time
4 Infamous Airlines Dekuville Harbor Airfield On Time
5 Infamous Airlines Freedon Silverwood International Airport
6 IntraAir
8 Infamous Airlines Sunshine Coast Máspalmas International Airport On Time
9 Infamous Airlines Ice Springs Regional Airport On Time
10 Yeet Airways New Genisys Airfield Planned
11 South Weast Charter
12 SkyTrans
13 SkyTrans
14 FliHigh Airlines Venceslo-Fifth Ward International Airport On Time
15 Infamous Eagle Tom Paris-Richville City Airfield On Time
16 Michigana
17 FlyCreeper Creeperville International Airport
Deadbush Edgecliff Airport
On Time
18 MRT Airlines New Genisys Airfield
19 torii Mojangsburg Suidplein Airfield On Time
20 FlyCycle Deadbush Foxfoe Memorial Airport
On Time
21 Waypoint Epsilon International Airport On Time
22 MRT Airlines Larkspur Lilyflower International Airport On Time
23 Oceanic Langus Airways
24 Spirit Airlines
25 Ray Airlines Murrville-Arcadia International On-Time
30 BluAir
31 BluAir
32 BluAir
33 BluAir
34 BluAir
35 BluAir
36 BluAir
37 BluAir
38 BluAir
39 DAS
40 DAS
41 DAS
42 DAS
43 DAS
44 DAS
45 DAS
46 DAS
47 DAS
48 DAS
49 DAS
50 DAS
51 DAS
52 DAS
53 DAS
54 DAS
55 DAS
56 DAS
57 DAS
58 DAS
59 IntraAir
60 IntraAir
61 IntraAir
62 IntraAir
63 IntraAir
64 SunAir Sunshine Coast On Time!
65 Cascadia Airways
66 SkyTrans
67 SkyTrans
68 FlySubway
69 Infamous Airlines Richville International Airport On Time
70 Infamous Airlines Ilirea Midcity Airport On Time
71 Infamous Airlines Fort Yaxier International Airport On Time
72 FlyCreeper Freedon Silverwood International Airport On Time
Helicopter Yard
73 FlyCreeper Creeperville University Heliport
Souslow Heliport
On Time
74 Alaskan Airlines
75 airTotem