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Town officials
Mayor Formerly AyyLion, now willowars
Deputy Mayor Formerly Architect_21, now Weier
MRT  T47  Foobar
Bus CTransit and WillowTrans
Roadways Willow Numbered Road System, possibly A8
Facts and figures
Population 2
Founded 2016
Town rank [Councillor]
World New


Charlemagne was an area claimed by AyyLion and Architect_21, but was left untouched for over 2 years (since 2016) and has been given to Willowars and Weier. It is located at T47 on the Taiga Line in the New World, and has Savage City to the south and Willow to the north. Charlemagne currently has road access to Savage City, Sansberg and Willow.

Why won’t Charlemagne annex with Willow?

The reason why Charlemagne stays different from Willow is because one is styled like a Quebec city while the other is styled as an Ontario town, with Willow being loosely based on an ontario town. The building style is slightly different and so is the transportation and the signage. The only part of Charlemagne that does not follow this rule is the French District.


Main District

The Main District is where W-3 runs through the Taiga at T47. It is a small district and is composed of: The Town Hall, MRT station T47, a farm and 2 houses, and a visitors centre that displays information about the town.

Starry Dsitrict

This district is almost completely detached from the Main District because of Lion's Cliff, a tall cliff that creates a massive barrier that disallows the construction of large roads. The Starry District is along W-4, and W-4A passes through it. The district will have all types of buildings, and has a sub district called the Admod District.

Admod District

The admod district has all of the roads named after admins and moderators that have helped willowars in some way, such as by endorsements, or by doing world edits for him.


chiefbozx Ave , Tom_Pairs Rd, godzilltrain rd

Quartier Français

This district is bilingual, with French and English as the languages spoken. Some road signs only have french, but the station signs have both languages to avoid confusion. Interchange Station of CTransit serves the district, and there is a clinic in the neighbourhood.


Air (Helicopter)

The first heliport of Charlemagne is in the Admod district, the Starry District Heliport. SkyTrans operates from here. The Starry District Heliport also was a point for The Amazing Glitch, in the Trains platform.


The MRT is the only way to travel around from the area, but the W-3 provides access to Willow, Savage City and to the rest of willowars' claim. A possible metro system might appear, but due to the rough nature of the Taiga, it would be hard to. An elevated rail system is undergoing planning and construction, called CTransit (Charlemagne Transit) and will provide all the transportation inside Charlemagne and extends to Willow and Savage City.

CTransit Line 1

This line is the main line of Charlemagne and will pass through the entire city and serve Savage City as well. Currently, Weier, Halfy_Crafty and Willowars help build the line. The current open stations are the Starry District Heliport, Starry District Station, Interchange Station and Savage City Border Station.


W-3 (Charlemagne Hwy)

The W-3 allows people to gain access to Savage City and Willow, and the road is 4 lanes wide for the entire length inside Charlemagne.


The W-4 is a partially constructed highway that passes through Starry District. It allows access from Willow to Starry District and for access for vehicles that cannot climb the 2:1 slope of Lion's Cliff on AyyLion rd. The highway begins at a half-clover interchange at W-3, and meets with W-4A (Andromeda Pkwy) at a dumbbell interchange. The highway is currently open to W-5.

W-4A (Andromeda Parkway)

The W-4A is the first auxiliary road in willow. It travels through Starry District and will serve YellowSpork, a town founded in the west. It allows traffic incapable of climbing the steep Lion’s Cliff a way to access the area on top of the cliff, via AyyLion Rd.

W-4B (Texas Loop)

W-4B is a short stub off of W-4A near YellowSpork. It merges onto the Texas Loop and exits at W-5.

W-5 Charlemagne Expy.

The Charlemagne Expressway is a planned freeway that will allow quick travel through Charlemagne than by traveling on W-3.