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| 32
| 32
| i forgot exactly where
| Orange City Junction MCR
| somewhere
| somewhere
| [station]
| [station]
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| look, i promise i do actually have pictures of the stores prepared
| look, i promise i do actually have pictures of the stores prepared
| 34
| 34
| Thurso
| -----
| N/A
| Mini
| picture saved but not uploaded
| 35

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Foot Chicken.png Foote's wiki pages
My Userpage | Bawktown | Bawktown Transit | Chickenbooks

Franchise Overview
Owner FooteChicken
Number of shops 30
Established Early July 2018
HQ location Under construction in Bawktown at  J0 
Regional HQ locations Currently only one, located in Pearl Coast
World mainly served New
Parent company ChickenCorp

Chickenbooks is a bookstore operated by FooteChicken.

Types of stores


A small newsstand that can be built in a public area or as a stall at a market.


A smaller version of the standard store that can fit in small mall plots and rail stations, or in small standalone plots.


Our standard store design. For standalone stores or larger mall plots.


A larger version of the regular store that is larger than 20x20 and/or made up of multiple floors.


Town Location Nearest MRT station Store type Picture Store number
Bawktown Next to Bawktown North station  JN1  Regular Bawktown North Chickenbooks.png 1
Danielston Riverton  D8  Regular Danielston Chickenbooks.png 2
Tranquil Forest (ill check later) North of  P40  Regular Tranquil Forest Chickenbooks.png 3
New Beginnings ---  V17  Regular New Beginnings Chickenbooks.png 4
Birchwood ---  WN28  Regular Birchwood Chickenbooks.png 5
Kevtropolis (ill check later)  JN9  Regular Kevtropolis Chickenbooks.png 6
Seoland Western Seoland N/A Mega Seoland Chickenbooks.png 7
Sesby (ill check later)  C24 - ES24  Regular Sesby Chickenbooks.png 8
Richville (ill check later) N/A Mega Richville Chickenbooks.png 9
Deadbush Chinatown  M36  Regular Deadbush Chickenbooks.png 10
Carnoustie (ill check later) N/A Bookcart Carnoustie Chickenbookstand.png 11
Nauvis ---  WN7  Regular Nauvis Chickenbooks.png 12
Twinlands --- N/A Regular Picture coming soon 13
Carnoustie (ill check later) N/A Regular Carnoustie 2nd Chickenbooks.png 14
Hendon Hendon Mall  NE4  Regular Hendon Chickenbooks.png 15
Central City SM Central City  XW1  Regular Central City Chickenbooks.png 16
Vermilion Victory Square  XW15  Regular Vermilion Chickenbooks.png 17
Creeperville Expo 2019 N/A Regular (feat. garden) Expo 2019 Chickenbooks.png 18
Bawktown Outside Bawktown South station  J0 - XE42  Regular Bawktown South Chickenbooks.png 19
Blagovka ---  H27  Mega Blagovka Chickenbooks.png 20
Segav Sal near the rail station (ill check later)  ZN39  Mini Segav Sal Chickenbooks.png 21
Astoria RaiLinQ station  C48  Mini Astoria Chickenbooks.png 22
Espil inTis  C80  Regular Epsil Chickenbooks.png 23
New Pheonix IntraRail station  C4  Mini picture coming soon 24
Fujishima --- N/A Regular picture coming soon 25
Torres River Dos Palmitos (?) mall  SE23  Regular picture coming soon 26
Venceslo MMTC  ZS21  Regular picture coming soon 27
Fortaleza RaiLinQ station N/A Mini picture coming soon 28
SSI Duty Free shops N/A Regular picture coming soon 29
Achowalogen Takachsin AT Mall  XE12  Regular picture coming soon 30
Titsensaki South of downtown  NE18  Large picture coming soon 31
Achowalogen Takachsin Merchant City/North of Digipool  XE6  Regular picture coming soon 32
Orange City Junction MCR somewhere [station] Regular picture coming soon 33
San Dzobiak MRT Fashion Square N/A Regular look, i promise i do actually have pictures of the stores prepared 34
Thurso ----- N/A Mini picture saved but not uploaded 35

Requesting a store

You can request a store for your own town on the discord server; to get link ping me on the MRT discord or find it in the media channel

Don't DM me or ping me on a different server, for security reasons

Recommended Payments

Bookcart: $5

Mini: $10

Regular: $15

Mega: $30 for two floors, $40 for three floors, $50 for four floors; please message me if you want more than 4 floors

Payment is never required to have a store built in your town, but it would be appreciated if you do decide to pay me.

Ad Locations (for internal use)

Note: This section only exists so I remember which signs I need to update on the ads for Chickenbooks; please don't edit this section except to fix obvious typos.

Ad Location Nearest Store Last Updated
Dabecco BluRail station San Dzobiak April 19, 2020