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Alert.png Chillington has been moved to a new location north of Larkspur.:)
Town Officials
Mayor DeevyDeev
Deputy Mayor null
Founder CyAmethyst
MRT  NW23  Larkspur - Prescott Road
 NW24  Larkspur - LAR Airport
Facts and Figures
Population 6 (Accurate as of August 2017)
Founded March 5th 2017
Recognized as town August 25th 2017
Town Rank Mayor
World New
Political Party Independent
Ward(s) 8

Chillington is a small city that used to be on the MRT Northern Line that is being preserved by Vickiposa, though was owned by CyAmethyst during its upbringing. It was owned by Baseball02 for a while, but it was given back to CyAmethyst after his return. Later on, CyAmethyst left the server, and, in order to be free to build infrastructure west of Larkspur, Vickiposa contacted CyAmethyst to transfer ownership to her, and CyAmethyst obliged. The city was than moved to a different location by Vickiposa to provide room for her airport.

Chillington itself is situated in Ward 8 of the MRT.

It is currently Mayor rank.

It was recognized as a city on August 25th, where Chillington became Mayor rank.

The city goes by the motto of being a "snow-friendly city".


Chillington was founded on March 5th 2017.

On April 26th 2017, CyAmethyst achieved Trustee rank and started more intensive work on the city.

On June 7th 2017, Baseball02 was announced as the new deputy mayor of the settlement after ~2 months of deliberation by the Mayor of Chillington.

On June 18th 2017, the Freezer Arena was re-purposed to a spleef arena to accommodate Chillington United for the MLS.

Around mid-July 2017, NW23 was given to Chillington.

On August 4th 2017, with the help of Godzilltrain and MinecraftYoshi26, Chillington got Councillor rank.

On August 25th 2017, with the help of lalaboy and _Kastle, Chillington got Mayor rank.

On October 30th, 2017, Mayor CyAmethyst and Deputy Mayor Baseball02 started to draw up blueprints for Chillington's very own metro, which would span across the length and width of Chillington. At the time of writing, the metro is not complete.

On January 7th, 2018, Vickiposa, mayor of nearby Larkspur, contacted the inactive CyAmethyst to transfer ownership of the town. They obliged, and ownership was formally transferred.


The following cities have built embassies in Chillington:

- Frosty Rivers

- Wythern

- Woodsdale

The following cities have embassies built by Chillington:

- Wythern (on behalf of the Chillplains, under construction)


- BaseCafe

- BaseWire

- Icicle Holdings (HQ)

- Tacurger Shack

- Covfefe House

- Potato King

- In-N-Out Burger

- MineWare

- CherryTech Technologies

- Eat and Bowl

- Demeter Eatery

(Please note that this section is not updated very often, and as such, may be out-of-date. Only trust this section at your own risk.)

Stadiums and Landmarks

- Freezer Arena (Built on and off in late May 2017)

- Town Hall (Built a few days after the current Mayor claimed the land that is  NW24  Larkspur - LAR Airport.

- Birch Park (Created the park around the same time as the construction of the Freezer Arena.)


Chillington is not accepting any new franchises to be built in the city, effective on Vickiposa's assumption of ownership.