City of Shenghua

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RepublicOfEpsilonFlag.png This city is a proud member of the Epsilonian Republic RepublicOfEpsilonFlag.png
Alert.png Important Coronavirus Information
Shenghua Global Affairs and Shenghua Department of Health recommends against all unnecessary travel to Hendon due to an outbreak of COVID-19. Persons who have traveled to Hendon, Creeperville, Winterside, PRC, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, Iran, Philippines, Japan and all of Europe (including UK and Ireland) in the past two weeks are ordered by the Shenghua government to seek self quarantine for 14 days. Travel to Creeperville and Winterside West should be conducted with extra precautions.
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Town officials
Mayor mi_aquamarine
Deputy Mayor TBD
Nearest airport Shenghua Nanhai Airport (Senator airfield, will be constructed by Ukubhabha Airports Company
Rail ShenghuaRail
Other transit Shenghua Transit
Shenghua Metro (coming soon), Shenghua Bus (coming soon), Shenghua-Kazeshima-Wenyanga Rail Link (coming soon, name TBD)
Facts and figures
Founded 2-29-20
State Epsilonian Republic
Official language(s) Chinese (Official)
English (Official)
Japanese (Recognized)
Spanish (Recognized)
World New
Post codes  SH6 
Political Party Liberal
Ward(s) 6

The Autonomous Republic of Shenghua (盛华自治共和国), or simply Shenghua (盛华) is an island citystate in the Zeta expansion.

Administrative divisions

Shenghua has three districts (区). Districts control local infrastructure such as local roads, as well has public services not controlled by the city government such as waste management.

Beitou District 北头区

Central District 中央区

East Lake District 东湖区

List of Buildings

# Number Location Owner
1 Metro 24 2 North-South Blvd, Unit 1, East Lake District, SH6 3EL mi_aquamarine
2 S' Mart 2 North-South Blvd, Unit 3, East Lake District, SH6 3EL AlphaDS
3 Temporary Capitol 3 North-South Blvd, East Lake District, SH6 3EL Shenghua Government
4 Shenghua International Ferry Terminal 1 North-South Blvd, East Lake District, Sh6 3EL Shenghua Port Authority