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| rank = {{rank|mayor}}
| rank = {{rank|mayor}}
| postcode = {{VPS|CT8}}
| postcode = {{VPS|CT8}}
| phonecode = 323
| other1 = Mobile Carrier(s)
| other1 = Mobile Carrier(s)
| data1 = [[RayWireless]]
| data1 = [[RayWireless]]

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Flag of Courtbush.png
Town Officials
Mayor _O_OM3GA_O_
Deputy Mayor CodyHM
Law Makers MaxStewartS
Roadways Volkway 1
Rail LITRail
Other transit NIJK
Facts and Figures
Population 1
Town Hall Coordinates -16008 75 -4388
Founded July 28, 2019
Recognized as town July 31, 2019
Town Rank [Mayor]
World New World
Post codes  CT8 
MPO Metro Westplein
Ward(s) 8
City Phone Code 323
Other Info
Mobile Carrier(s) RayWireless
News Station CBN

Courtbush is a new town that is part of Metro Westplein. It was founded because _O_OM3GA_O_ was looking for some land that he could have to build a new town. Currently it has the rank of [Mayor].


Courtbush is located in the center of Metro Westplein and just north of Mojang Town.

Important Dates

Town Founded: July 28, 2019
[Councillor]: July 31, 2019
[Mayor]: August 4, 2019


Courtbush has four Subway lines and one Bus line.

Inner-city transport

Courtbush Subway

Red Line (Planned)
 Central Station 
Blue Line (Planned)
 Central Station 
Yellow Line (Planned)
 Central Station 
Green Line (Planned)
 Central Station 
 Residential Station 

Courtbush Bus

 Terminal Lane 1 
 Warren Elementary 

Inter-city Transport

Courtbush has a connection to Metro Westpleins Volkway 1. There is also a road connection between River Hills and Courtbush. There is a planned LITRail line.