Creeperville 2018 Summer Olympic Bid

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Creeperville 2018 Summer Olympic Bid
Creeperville 2018 Poster.PNG
City Creeperville
Slogan Above and Beyond
Round 1 1 Points (Not Top 3)
Eliminated in Round 1

The Creeperville 2018 Summer Olympic Bid was a failed bid to host the 2018 Summer Olympics by Creeperville. It would have been the first summer Olympics and the first major event held in Creeperville.



Creeperville had always been looking for a chance to host a server-wide event to make the town more well known. The founding of the Olympics provided a great opportunity for this to happen.

Signing Up as the North Coast

Originally, the bid was planned to be shared by the North Coast MPO and advertised as "North Coast 2018". This plan didn't go through though since the Olympic committee would not allow more than 2 cities to host a joint Olympics and that Winterside and Hendon didn't seem like a good fit for the Summer Olympics. It was decided that instead, Creeperville would bid for the Summer Olympics and Winterside would bid for the Winter Olympics with some events being hosted at Hendon if necessary.


All of the venues would have been built from scratch on a few islands in what is currently undeveloped area outside Creeperville borders and part of New Winterside. More concrete plans would have been made if the bid had been successful and all buildings were meant to be permanent and put to use even after the Olympics. There was also a proposal to convert the Olympic Village into public housing units.