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Leader of De Pol BernCow
Founder BernCow
Founded March 7 2020
Membership 1
Headquarters TBD
Country Republic of Epsilon
Ideology Decreasing political squabbles, increasing productivity.
House of Representatives

9 / 356

The Republic of Epsilon De Politicization Party , more commonly known as De Pol, is an official functioning political party of the Republic of Epsilon. It's goal is to stop the Republic of Epsilon from stagnation and from being plagued by politics, the main causes of the downfall of the United Cities.


Join the Discord server and put your name and towns on the list below to join.


De Pol

The Republic of Epsilon Depolitization party is a political party dedicated to ending the stagnation and pointless political bureaucracy that plague the Republic of Epsilon. These issues were what led to the downfall of the United Cities. De Pol seeks to change that and make sure that the Republic of Epsilon actually helps its members grow their towns and become more connected to other towns on the server.

One of our core beliefs is that for the RoE to properly achieve these goals and serve the community fundamental change is needed. There should be a bigger focus on ministries or as other MPOs have called them committees. They are the people who are actually doing things that help people grow and connect their towns therefore they should have more power. In our ideal government the leaders of ministries would be on a council that is in essence the highest legislative body. In our ideal government all members would be part of a ministry or committee. We feel that members should give to the Republic as much as they take from it.


Member cities
Region Mayor City
South Gamma BernCow Knoxford
Northwest Gamma BernCow Fernar City
Northeast Zeta BernCow Aquidneck Islands