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*[[Blagovka]] is a trade partner.
*[[Blagovka]] is a trade partner.
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Councilmember KingFox

Democratic Republic of Vulpine
Capital Totem Beach, Ward 6
Cities Involved 6
Government Representative Democracy
Economic System Socio-Capitalism
High Council Foxwolf11, FiorkG, willowars

The Democratic Republic of Vulpine is a socio-capitalist republic that was founded on May 30, 2019, by Foxwolf11 and FiorkG. It was made with the unification of 2 Big Potences: The Republic of Fiorkistan and the Vulpine Republic.

Cities Involved

The cities involved ranked in descending order of population:

City MRT Rank Mayor Population Rank
Deadbush  [Premier]  Echohue #1
Sunshine Coast  [Premier]  Echohue #2
New Genisys [Senator] LightningMC #3
Monte Isola [Senator] Vulpicula #4
Totem Beach [Mayor] KingFox #5
Johnston [Mayor] Echohue #6
Willow [Mayor] willowars #7
Borealia [Mayor] Vulpicula #8
Valence [Mayor] FiorkG #9
Southburg [Mayor] FiorkG #10
San Juan [Councillor] Echohue #11
Iqaluit [Councillor] Echohue #12
Gryffin [Councillor] KingFox #13
Heaven City [Unranked] FiorkG #14