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Democratic Republic of Vulpine

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Democratic Republic of Vulpine
Capital Totem Beach, Ward 6
Cities Involved 6
Government Representative Democracy
Economic System Socio-Capitalism
High Council Foxwolf11, FiorkG, willowars
Minister of Defense o8f

The Democratic Republic of Vulpine is a socio-capitalist republic that was founded on May 30, 2019, by Foxwolf11 and FiorkG. It was made with the unification of 2 Big Potences: The Republic of Fiorkistan and the Vulpine Republic.


When we scoured all of the MPOs of the server, we noticed one thing: There was not a successful democratically run MPO. If you look at the powerful MPOs, such as TRONC and the People's Republic of Montego, you notice that they are usually close to autocratically run, and keep secrets from their members. We started this MPO with the strong belief that people should control an MPO, not the MPO controlling the people in it. We are democratically run, with no individual dictator, only a special council that oversees the voting processes. We are proud to boast our unique economic "socio-capitalism", a system with no government-managed corporations or sponsorships, no monopolies, and excellent foreign policy where we welcome franchises and corporations of any kind. We believe everyone should have the exact same amount of power, regardless of their MRT Rank, city size, or the number of franchises. Join today and become not just part of an MPO. Become a part of something better.



On May 30, 2019, the Democratic Republic of Fiorkistan was in an instability of the Government. USSKR offered help with intense socialism, but they declined. The Vulpine Republic offered a new and unique mixing of Socialism and Capitalism. The Socio-Capitalism. They accepted and in this day, The President of Fiorkistan FiorkG and The Pres. of the VR, Foxwolf11 signed the Treaty of Unification.

Annexation of Willow

Having 4 ranked cities, the DRV was a developing force in the southern regions of the MRT. It had covered a good amount of territory in the far South, but not a single bit above 8000Z. Willow had recently left the Kaktus Republic so we presented the city with the opportunity. Willow accepted and became the 5th city.

Cities Involved

The cities involved ranked in descending order of population:

City MRT Rank Mayor Population Rank
[[Monte Isolaa [Senator] Vulpicula #1
Totem Beach [Mayor] KingFox #2
Willow [Mayor] willowars #3
Borealia [Mayor] Vulpicula #4
Valence [Mayor] FiorkG #5
Southburg [Mayor] FiorkG #6
Gryffin [Councillor] KingFox #7
Heaven City [Unranked] FiorkG #8