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Democratic Republic of Vulpine

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Alert.png ' Totem Beach, Gryffin and all associated territories will withdraw from the DRV effective September 20, 2019. The DRV will elect a new capital, as all government facilities in Totem Beach will begin their transitionary phase starting September 1, 2019'
Democratic Republic of Vulpine
Republica Democrática Vulpínica
Democrátyke Reynpublik zur Vulpine
DRV Flag.png
(Not Official) Glory to the Heroes
Capital Totem Beach
Languages English, Brazilian Portuguese, Fiorkish
Demonym(s) Vulpine
Government Presidentialist Multi-Party Democratic Republic.
International Representant: Elections in November
High Councill: KingFox Fiork777 Willowars
Area Total Unknown Data
Water(%) Unknown Data
Population 2018 Estimate 14,312,102
Density 39.7/km2
GDP Total $973.3 billion
Per Capita $51,718.54
Gini 27.2
HDI 0.907
very high
Currency Vulpine Boi VB$
Time Zone Depends of the Town
Driving Side Right

The Democratic Republic of Vulpine is a socio-capitalist republic that was founded on May 30, 2019, by Foxwolf11 and FiorkG. It was made with the unification of 2 Big Potences: The Republic of Fiorkistan and the Vulpine Republic.

Cities Involved

The cities involved ranked in descending order of population:

City MRT Rank Mayor Population Rank
New Genisys [Senator] LightningMC #1
Monte Isola [Senator] Vulpicula #2
Totem Beach* [Mayor] KingFox #3
Willow [Mayor] willowars #4
Borealia [Mayor] Vulpicula #5
Valence [Mayor] Fiork777 #6
Southburg [Mayor] Fiork777 #7
Gryffin [Councillor] KingFox #8
Euphorial [Councillor] Kangaroo567 #9
Heaven City [Councillor] FiorkG #10
Sylvania [Councillor] AppleGamer123 #11
Gamesville [Unranked] Gamer4_Good #12
Desert Bay [Unranked] supermetro #13

Totem Beach is the Capital City.