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{{colorbox|Black|{{color|white|Herne Bridge Line}}}} - {{status|good|}} North Herne - St Thomas <br>
{{colorbox|Black|{{color|white|Herne Bridge Line}}}} - {{status|good|}} North Herne - St Thomas <br>
{{colorbox|Red|Meopham Street Line}} - {{status|good}}: Central - Meopham Street <br>
{{colorbox|Red|Meopham Street Line}} - {{status|good}}: Central - Meopham Street <br>
{{colorbox|Blue|{{color|white|Forre Line}}}} - {{status|construction}}: Line in construction Forre Central - Chemlsford West <br>
{{colorbox|Blue|{{color|white|Forre Line}}}} - {{status|good}}: Forre Central - Chemlsford West <br>
[[File:Dulwich Metro 170717.png||600px]]
[[Category:Towns in Ward 4]]
[[Category:Towns in Ward 4]]

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Town Officials
Mayor tomtomy8
Deputy Mayor SubwayGamerMC
Founder tomtomy8
Town Councillors tomtomy8, mervynang, London150
MRT  P40  Foobar
Facts and Figures
Population 3
Founded December 2016
Recognized as town May 19th, 2017
Town Rank Councillor
World New World
Ward(s) 4

Dulwich was founded in December 2016 by tomtomy8 and it is located at  P40  Foobar, straddling a forest biome and a plains biome, and bisected by the Tulse River.It is a member of United Cities.


Dulwich is made of multiple boroughs, each with their own (or soon to have their own) borough hall. The borough hall is where all the citizens of each borough is allowed to vote, and there local legislation for each borough can pass. The only exception is Central and New Park, where the town hall resides. Here, the town hall doubles up as both the town hall and borough hall. For this reason, the Borough Councillor of CNP is also the Mayor of Dulwich.
Dulwich Top 130517 with boroughs.png

Central & New Park

Central & New Park (CNP) is the capital borough of Dulwich, and so is mainly a shopping area. It contains the only MRT stop in Dulwich,  P40  Foobar as well as 1 Dulwich Metro station, Central. The borough Councillor is tomtomy8


Herne is north of CNP, on the other side of the Tulse River (the current only bridge across the Tulse has its name). It is mainly a residential area, however has not been fully developed and there are future plans for large apartment complexes. It has two Dulwich Metro stations, Herne Bridge and North Herne. The Borough Councillor is mervynang.


Forte is east of CNP, and is planned to be a large financial sector. Currently there is not much, however development is planned for the near future. It has 1 Dulwich Metro Station, Meopham Street, which connects to the Dulwich Meopham Street. It also hosts the warp train station Dulwich Meopham Street. The Borough Councillor is London150.


Dulwich's main form of transport is the Dulwich Metro, operated by Dulwich Transport Services Ltd. It currently has two lines with four stations, and an expansion to include another one in progress. It also hosts a warp train station, Dulwich Meopham Street.

Metro Status

 Herne Bridge Line  - Status: Service Good.png Good service North Herne - St Thomas
 Meopham Street Line  - Status: Service Good.png Good service: Central - Meopham Street
 Forre Line  - Status: Service Good.png Good service: Forre Central - Chemlsford West

Dulwich Metro 170717.png

River Services

Services on the Tules are operated by WMB. Currently one line operates in Dulwich.

Line D1

Status: Service Good.png Good service

Stop Status Transfer
Herne Bridge Dynmap Green Flag.png Herne Bridge (Dulwich Metro)
South Forre Dynmap Green Flag.png None

Dulwich Meopham Street

Dulwich Meopham Street is a warp train station in the Forre borough, and is the hub for Southern Plains Rail. There are entrances to the station on Meopham Street, Lower Forre Street and Loughborough Road. It is connected to the Dulwich Metro Meopham Street Line station Meopham Street, and is within walking distance of the Forre Line station Forre Central.

Platform Allocation

Platform Company Line Destination Status
2 Southern Plains Rail Bearenstein Line Silent Plains Status: Service Partial.png Partial service open: Silent Plains - Dulwich Meopham Street
Previous station Next station
 P39  Foobar
towards Central City—Northwest Station via Victorian City
 P40  Foobar  P41  Foobar
towards P36