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| name = Easest
| name = Easest
| img = [[File:2014-12-03_19.20.23.png|400px]]
| img = [[File:2014-12-03_19.20.23.png|400px]]
| mayor = {{u|Just_robinho}} (as a part of [[Marblegate]]  
| mayor = {{u|Just_robinho}} (as a part of [[Marblegate]])
| founder = {{u|Jamess2912}}
| founder = {{u|Jamess2912}}
| mrt = {{st/t|F|F26|E|EC12}}
| mrt = {{st/t|F|F26|E|EC12}}

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2014-12-03 19.20.23.png
Town officials
Mayor Just_robinho (as a part of Marblegate)
Founder Jamess2912
MRT  F26 - EC12  Foobar
Bus none
Other transit Ucar, ( ConnectEAST Yellow   ConnectEAST Orange  planned)
Facts and figures
Population 12
Founded November 28 2014
Town rank Mayor
Official language(s) English
World Gamma / New

Easest was a small city located at  F26 - E  Foobar that is currently a district of Marblegate. It was run and owned by jamess2912 and with its deputy mayor being TechnologyPro. It was founded on November 28th in 2014 after jamess2912 ditched Red Rock City which was at  M29  Foobar but the biome was too tricky so he moved to  F26 - EC12  Foobar. It is currently owned by Just_robinho.



Citizens of Easest are classed as players who own either a house or a franchise.

Easest Residents
Player Type
TechnologyPro Franchise
Music3_0 Franchise
bensismith House
SuperLenn Franchise
Mathew_Dinch Franchise
RLcrafters Franchise
Tom_Pairs Franchise
cookiesareedible House
_MajorMagpie_ Franchise
juniverse2001 Franchise
ZambiblaisanOgre House
cal76 Franchise


The Easest Light Rail is under construction. It will connect the main points of the town such as the mall and town hall.


Remember when entering EASEST to declare all illegial goods, even from Marblegate and visas at Checkpoints. Usually at the port of entry, at  F26 - EC12  Foobar thought its at the U-Bahn Station on the South Exit of the station.