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Elecna Bay 2018 Summer Olympic Bid
City Elecna Bay, Kelvinside
Slogan It's Going To Be EPIC
Round 1 7 Points (Top 3)
Round 2 8 Points (Top 2)
Round 3 6 Points (WINNER)

The Elecna Bay 2018 Summer Olympic Bid was the successful bid to host the 2018 Summer Olympics. It was held in Elecna Bay with most events planned to take place in the district of Kelvinside.


Elecna Bay was founded in early 2015, since then Elecna Bay has grown rapidly into the sprawling city it is today. However, no event has ever been held at the town despite the large array of facilities and services to offer within the city. Elecna Bay 2018 was founded to change this and show Elecna Bay to the server as a city of greatness and spirit where we strive for greatness, hence the motto It's Going To Be EPIC. The logo was inspired off the flag of Elecna Bay, the colours of the ocean, the sand and the sunset sky.

Benefits of City

Hosting the Olympics at Elecna Bay would provide many benefits to the player, the athlete and the Olympics as an organisation.

Infrastructure & Transport

The large, modern infrastructure projects taken out by Elecna Bay are some of the grandest in the South-Central region of the MRT. Elecna Bay is one of the major stops along the A50 between many large cities such as Whiteley, Zaquar, Fort Yaxier and Wythern. Additionally, new roads in the region such as the A52 which are under construction will provide direct access to Central City and many of the cities in the central region of the New World.

Additionally, Elecna Bay is host to an extensive transportation network, with multiple metro and bus lines, a huge airport with hubs for the two largest airlines on the server, a large passenger seaport and rail from nearby towns. This excess of transportation makes travel to Elecna Bay seamless, decreasing inconvenience to travel to the Olympics..

Parks and Recreation

Elecna Bay is home to many parks and recreational spaces, monuments and landmarks. Places such as Elecna Bay park featuring the old Central Park fountain, The Hope Tree symbolising the growth of Elecna Bay from a small desert settlement into the large town it is today or the boardwalk restaurant district with many local delicacies all within eye-shot of the planned Olympic Park.

The new developing sports district will also feature multiple park spaces and open plazas for locals and communities to take advantage of after the games. The prominence of beautiful spaces and wonders in Elecna Bay makes the town a great cultural choice for the Olympic Games.


Elecna Bay was one of the fastest developing towns in the south of the server and has strong regional importance in the southern regions of the server. The large scale urban sprawl can intrigue tourists and visitors all across. From the skyscrapers of Downtown to the small shops of Commercial Beach, Elecna Bay has lots to provide to all people and to the surrounding towns.

Furthermore, the city has never hosted any large event to date so none of these facilities have ever been used to present Elecna Bay in its brightest light to all. Due to the scale these Olympics are planned at, Elecna Bay 2018 believes it is time Elecna Bay has the chance to shine and inspire from its own borders.

Venues & Facilities

Overall zone map

The 2018 Elecna Bay Olympics will be planned to be held in a range of newly built facilities in the main Olympic Park core in North-East Elecna Bay. Alongside the main Olympic Park, many temporary facilities will be set up across Elecna Bay for events such as the Marathon, Boating and Elytra.

The majority of these venues will be split into three zones within Elecna Bay: Olympic Zone, Southern Zone and Central Zone.

Olympic Zone

Olympic Zone Venues

The Olympic Zone encompasses all of the venues within the Olympic Park in Kelvinside. It is located just 2 minutes from Centralen Station in downtown Elecna Bay on the planned modified T11 Javelin Express service. The park contains:

  • The Olympic Stadium, hosting the track and field events as well as the opening and closing ceremonies.
  • The Oceanview Arena, hosting Spleef, PVP and Parkour.
  • The Elecna Sumotori Centre, hosting Sumo.
  • The Olympic Archery Range, hosting Archery.
  • The Olympic Village

Southern Zone

Southern Zone Venues

The Southern Zone will be located on the undeveloped southern coast of the Elecna Peninsula. It will feature 3 main venues including:

  • The Southbank Aquatics Centre, hosting Swimming.
  • The Southbank Golf Course, hosting Golf.

Central Zone

Central Zone Venues
The Olympic Stadium

The Central Zone will be located in downtown Elecna Bay and use existing infrastructure for events. It will feature 2 main venues including:

  • Elecna River, hosting Boating.
  • Elecna Bay Park, hosting Marathon and Elytra.
  • Medals Plaza, hosting medal ceremonies.

Equestrian Area

North of the Olympic Zone will feature a large area dedicated to equestrianism and showjumping events. Due to its size, the area will become its own zone for the overall plan of the Elecna Bay Olympics.

Olympic Village

The Olympic Village will be located in the southern edge of Kelvinside, an underdeveloped district of Elecna Bay. Because of the location close to the Olympic Park, many events will be located within 3 minutes of the Village, providing easy access for the athletes. The development of the Olympic Village will be used to assist the underdeveloped community of Kelvinside as well as provide investment into the re-construction of Kelvinside Central Station to provide more transportation links to the area.

The village in total will feature 3 main buildings totalling over 700 rooms which after the games would be used as public housing.

Transport and Intrastructure

Public Transportation and Infrastructure will be a large focus on the construction of new facilities. The main infrastructure projects will be headed by the Elecna Bay Transit Commission to assist with integration with the rest of the Elecna Bay transportation network.

Planned improvements under the Elecna Bay 2018 Olympic bid will see:

  • A brand new warp-rail transportation hub at Kelvinside to help provide better connections with the main Olympic Park.
  • Extensions of the T10, T11 and T18, T19 Tunnelbana services to connect the Olympic Park and Kelvinside to the rest of Elecna Bay.
  • Construction of the T11, T13, T14 and T16 to Elecna Bay International to provide metro access to the Southern Zone and assist in development.
  • Construction of a new A-Road between the A52 at Kelvinside and the A50 at Levittown to provide road access to the main Olympic facilities.
  • Construction of two new coach terminals at Kelvinside Central and Elecna Bay International to provide transportation links to nearby towns and local districts.

Planned Legacy

The Elecna Bay 2018 Planning Committee has placed a large focus on the legacy of the facilities used in Elecna Bay after an Olympics is held in the city. All of the large venues will continue to have usage after the games with smaller venues only being temporary. Many of the facilities used will also remain open to holding other large events such as TacoBurritoAThon

A majority of the venues at the Olympic Zone will remain open after the games as a large sports district. The Olympic Stadium will be reduced in size slightly and used as a multi-purpose stadium which will become the centre of all sport in Elecna Bay. The Oceanview Arena will become home to a MLS team for Elecna Bay. The Sumotori & Golf course will continue to remain open unchanged. The Medals Plaza will be removed and adapted into a large waterfront recreational facility with a monument in tribute of the games.

The Southern Zone will become the centre of a new southern district in Elecna Bay to accommodate a growing tourism industry in Elecna Bay. New hotel and recreational facilities will be constructed in the immediate area and all of the sports facilities will be used as a country club and leisure park.

The Central Zone will have most of its facilities removed however monuments and trails will be marked and created to commemorate the games and the events in Downtown Elecna Bay.