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| 1
| 1
| [[Foresne]]
| [[Foresne]]
| '''Far West Epsilon'''
| 1
| [[PhoenixVille]]

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2019-10-01 11.54.54.png
Incumbent President ModernArt
Incumbent Deputy President Fiork777
Incumbent Prime Minister CodyHM
Leader of the Official Opposition mine_man_
Governing Party Liberal and Labour Party Coalition
Official Opposition Enterprise and Unionist Party
Other Information
Date Founded 1st October 2019
Language(s) English
Currency £ (Norwestian Pound)
Region New World
Capital Norwest, will be Southbank

The Epsilonian Republic, or the Republic of Epsilon is a parliamentary democracy and is a collective of towns and cities which is in one unified country (Not to be confused with the premier city of Espil, which is not in the Republic). Its named after the MRT's server version, Epsilon, which expanded the New World. It was founded by ModernArt originally as the Norwestian Republic, but merged with the Democratic Republic of Vulpine, which was lead by Fiork777 to create the Epsilonian Republic.

Cities of the Epsilonian Republic

The Epsilonian Republic is a collective of towns, cities and dominions, which is under one unified country. They are all autonomous, with each town/city/dominion having unique differences between each other. They are divided into different regions, which are the equivalent of wards in the MRT. Feel free to add your town down below if your town wants to or already is in the Epsilonian Republic.

Cities of the Epsilonian Republic
Region Seats City
Example Region No of Seats (Total 46) Example City
Northwest Epsilon 4 Norwest
Northwest Gamma 4 Pasadena
Northwest Epsilon 4 New Gensokyo
Southwest Epsilon 2 Cremona
Northwest Epsilon 3 Lakeborough
Southern Epsilon 1 MeTromso
Eastern Jungle Epsilon 3 Jungleville
Southwest Epsilon 1 Gillmont
Northwest Gamma 3 Watchfield
Far West Epsilon 5 Chan Bay
Southwest Epsilon 1 Southbank
Far West Epsilon 1 Dominion of Yuledan
Northern Gamma 1 Dominion of East Hills
Southern Epsilon 3 Southburg
Western Mesa Gamma 3 Valence
Far West Epsilon 3 Fujishima
Northeast Gamma 2 Heaven City
Northwest Gamma 1 Fortaleza
Southwest Epsilon 3 Savannah
Eastern Jungle Epsilon 1 Karauna Springs
Southern Epsilon 1 Foresne
Far West Epsilon 1 PhoenixVille


The Epsilonian Republic has general elections, usually held between 6-12 months after the last general election. There are two houses of parliaments which facilitate the democratic will of the people, with the party that has most seats in the House of Representatives usually being the governing party.

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