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Fox MRT International Broadcasting Service
CEO Fiork777
Employees None

FOX is a "Tv" Channel on MRT, this page is under constructions

Tv Shows

Good Evening MRT

Good evening MRT is like a MBS news, it shows every 1st saturday of the Month.


August 2019

Topic 1: 1.14.4

The 1.14.4 is in Beta. one of the things that people dont know is, when it updates to main, you'll dont need anymore to donate to get Coloured Signs. Just take a dye and right click into the Sign. The Most important update that will happen is that The uCars will be Back and there are actually 20 blocks that you can actually drive in. The Price of the uFuel will be the same: 0,25/l, Ending the MRT Oil Crisis (This dosent exist).

Topic 2, August General Staff Meeting at August 11

The GSM is now coming and one of the news is that you can actually VOTE for the next Trial Moderator (Technicaly you dont vote for tmod you vote for the potential candidates) that haves these qualities: If you know someone, contact staff nominating your candidate. Following our Informations there are 2 potential candidates for tMod. Also, Theres a very good proposal that Can allow [Councillor]s make Seaplane Ports with limit gates of 10 to 20. I hope you enjoyed this program. See you next month.