Federated States of the New World/Laws/Legislative Standards Act 2020

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  1. Submission of Legislation
    1. All submissions made in the #submit-proposals channel must be labelled “MOTION”, “ACT” or “AMENDMENT”.
      1. A motion is put in place to execute an action or to officially recognise something
      2. An act is a piece of legislation that will be passed into law should it pass.
    2. All submissions must be concise and must be implementable without any modification.
      1. Examples of a bad submission include:
        1. “Motion to make spamming illegal”
        2. “Motion to establish a rail agency”
      2. All pieces of legislation must have a name, or an article number if part of the constitution
  2. Amendments and Removal
    1. Amendments may only be made to a proposal before it goes up to vote. Similarly, a proposal may not be withdrawn once it goes up for vote without a court order.
      1. All amendments must be approved by the proposer of the submission.
      2. Submissions may be written on google docs, but these must not be edited after the debate phase.
    2. Administration may remove proposals that do not comply with FS law, though they must post their full reasoning for doing so in #parliament-discussion, and this may only be done before such a proposal is put up for vote.