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Senior staff
Founder i____7d
CEO i____7d
Facts and figures
Headquarters ForesCompany HQ (3 East-West Boulevard, Foresne)
Founded 11/9/19
Franchises ForesTools, Taste of Foresne, ForesInn

ForesCompany is a company managed and founded by i____7d. It's headquarters are in Foresne. Currently, Foresne has 3 franchises: ForesTools, a store selling gardening tools, Taste of Foresne, a restaurant/café, and ForesInn, a hotel.

About the Franchises


This shop chain sells gardening tools. In each shop there are 7-8 shelves for hoes, axes, seeds, saplings, soil, wood products and wood. All shops in Foresne have an extra shelf for Foresne souvenirs. There are cashiers as well.

Taste of Foresne

This restaurant/café chain sells things which are from Foresne. They sell Foresnese steak, mutton, chicken, pork, sandwiches and tacos. They also have Foresne Apple Juice and Lemonade. Water is free.


This hotel chain has (almost) everything that a real-world hotel has: (TV, beds, storage, etc). It even has Minecraft essentials (crafting table, brewing stand, anvils, furnaces). Each hotel comes with a reception and a café for breakfast buffet.

Want one in your town/city?

Cool! Mail/msg me (i____7d) and tell me what store/restaurant/café/hotel you want. Also, give your floorplan.

Note: the sizes include the walls.


Base price $5

Taste of Foresne

Base Price $5

Taste of Foresne Express

Base Price $2.50

Note: Express stores do not have seats.


Base Price $10

Towers Each extra tower costs $3 as a base price. Note that towers do not make the hotel custom.

2-in-1 Compound

When you put 2 franchises in one building, there is a base cost of $8.

3-in-1 Compound

When you put all franchises in one building, there is a base cost of $15.

List of Shops/Restaurants/Cafés/Hotels

Note: If you remember me building a ForesTools or Taste of Foresne for you but it isnt there, or the numbering on your store is wrong, please add it in. Thanks!


1. Foresne Central (ForesCompany HQ Level 2)

2. Espil Ecilidae Centre (Zekk Mall Level 2)

3. Sunshine Coast Torres River

4. Southbank

5. AT Solarion (7144 -2349)

6. AT Solarion (7039 -2341)

7. AT Orion (6320 -2071, at bottom of building

8. AT Orion (Mall, L2)

9. AT Old Town (Eastern Marina)

10. AT Old Town (Mall, L2)

11. AT Old Town (4147 -1277, at bottom of building)

12. AT Unincorporated (Death Arena)

13. AT Merchant City (MRT Marina)

14. AT Merchant City (1674 -1704)

15. AT Unincorporated (Western Transit Hub, B2)

16. Star Base 1 (Level 23, 2-14)

17. Foresne Chinatown

18. Foresne Flying Tree Square

19. Foresne Liveray railway stn.

20. Peripotamia

21. Peacopolis

22. Venceslo Village

23. GSM Town Stickman Beach

24. Gillmont Event Center

25. Southoak SOCC

26. Foresne City Hall

27. Wightrooney

28. Wontridge Museum East Valley Estate

29. Peacopolis

30. IntraRail MAX Airport Station

31. Tembok

32. Stone Bay

33. Arbatskaya Moscow (Hanamura)

34. Sansvikk Karlstad Station

Taste of Foresne

1. Foresne Central (ForesCompany HQ Level 1)

2. Foresne General Hospital (A&E Block Level 4) [Express]

3. Sunshine Coast Torres River

4. Southbank

5. AT Orion (Mall, L1 foodcourt) [Express]

6. AT Merchant City (MRT Marina)

7. AT Merchant City (1664 -1693)

8. Star Base 1 (Level 23, 2-12)

9. Foresne Chinatown

10. Foresne Flying Tree Square

11. Foresne Liveray railway stn.

12. Peripotamia

13. Peacopolis

14. Titsensaki

15. GSM Town Stickman Beach

16. Southoak SOCC

17. Foresne Museum of Altitude

18. Wightrooney

19. Wontridge Museum East Valley Estate [Express]

20. Peacopolis

21. Foresne City Hall

22. Tembok

23. Stone Bay

24. Sansvikk Karlstad Station

25. Gillmont Wayward Station

Foresne Postiensci Shoppes (planned)


1. Foresne Central (next to ForesComany HQ)

2. Southbank

3. Peacopolis

Fun Facts

  • Our franchises are not limited to earth! We also have a shop and a restaurant in space!
  • Sometimes, our menu is customised to the surroundings!
  • Taste of Foresne at GSM Town Stickman Beach is special as we have a small isle to ourselves, so we put 3 tables on that isle! Also, there are 5 tables where your foot touches the water! We also have 2 boats (2 tables each) so you can eat on the boat and enjoy the ocean view!