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| coords = WIP
| coords = WIP
| founded = 10/9/19
| founded = 10/9/19
| recognized =  
| recognized = 10/11/19
| rank = {{rank|unranked}}
| rank = {{rank|Councillor}}
| renamed =  
| renamed =  
| state = [[Epsilonian Republic]]
| state = [[Epsilonian Republic]]
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* {{u|AlphaDS}} (I think)
* {{u|AlphaDS}} (I think)
* {{u|LightningMC}}
* {{u|Chiefbozx}} (for councillor endorsement)
== Geography & Topology ==
== Geography & Topology ==
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* Museum Island (Museum Lake)
* Museum Island (Museum Lake)
* Postienray Rock (Postiensci River)
* Postienray Rock (Postiensci River)
=== Weather ===
As Foresne is located far south in the Southern hemisphere with cold breezes from the tundra north of Foresne, Foresne experiences around 20-25°C during the summers and 0-5°C during the winters in the plains and forest biomes. In the extreme hills, since it is always overlayed with snow, it experiences -5-0°C in the summer and -25--20°C in the winter. The Highlands in the forest biomes reach 15-20°C in the summer and 0-5°C in the winter.
== Flag ==
== Flag ==
[[File:Foresne 3by5 flag & banner.png|thumb|Foresne's 3*5 flag and banner at City Hall.]]
[[File:Foresne 3by5 flag & banner.png|thumb|Foresne's 3*5 flag and banner at City Hall.]]

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RepublicOfEpsilonFlag.png This city is a proud member of the Epsilonian Republic RepublicOfEpsilonFlag.png
Flag of Foresne.png
Town officials
Mayor i____7d
Deputy Mayor PeacemakerX5
Founder i____7d
MRT  SW6  Foresne Central and  SW5  Foresne Shenmore (but will expand to SW7 in the future)
Roadways soon (A25?)
Rail soon (Foresne Liveray)
Other transit Foresne Light Rail
Facts and figures
Population 3
Town hall coordinates WIP
Founded 10/9/19
Recognized as town 10/11/19
Town rank [Councillor]
State Epsilonian Republic
Official language(s) English, (Mandarin Chinese)
World New
Ward(s) 5
Other info
Denonym Foresnese

Foresne is a town in the south of the New World founded by i____7d on 10 September 2019. It is known for its famous sweet apple juice.

Pronunciation & Name

Foresne is pronounced "For-rain" and not "Fore-sen". (Yes. It's a difficult name)

Foresne means "Forest Demesne".


Several methods:

1. Take the Zephyr Line Southern Terminus warp to ZS47/S0. Then take the Southern Line west.

2. Take the Zephyr Line all the way to ZS47/S0, if you don't want to waste 10¢. Then take the Southern Line west.

3. In the future, you can enter Foresne via Foresne Liveray. For more info look under the "Warp Rail" section in "Connections".

4. If i____7d is around, and if he is willing to return to Foresne (if he is somewhere else), he can teleport back to Foresne and you can tpa to him. (It's called a taxi.)

5. Fly there.



“While I was waiting for my member application results, I was looking for a place to build my town, Foresne. At first, I considered the ice plains biome south of the Fort Yaxier area and the extreme west part of the Southern Line. I went to check out the latter (fun fact: I didn't use warps) but it was already claimed by other people. I didn't bother to check out the former. But then, I discovered the forest around SW6. It has a lot of hills and lagoons, which I liked. There is an extreme biome at SW5 and lots of high cliffs around SW7, so I planned to extend Foresne there too. So there was where Foresne is.” —i____7d

Foresne was founded on 10 September 2019, when i____7d was promoted to Member. He first built the roads. A big “welcome to Foresne” sign was erected in front of the MRT station entrance. He then built the police post, the ForesCompany HQ, the Info Center and finally ForesInn. He also started on the Foresne Light Rail, running from Chinatown to Lowland Circus. He also established Chinatown and the boundaries of a future City Hall on a peninsula southwest of the MRT station. He built the Mayor's House on Mayor's Island, and started work on ForesTower.


Then Foresne began to spread out. West of Central, there was Wontridge Museum; North, Foresne General Hospital; Northwest, Postiensci. Foresne had a rapid growth.

The Epsilonian Republic

On 4 October 2019, when i____7d was building mansions on Postieninsula, ModernArt asked him if he wanted Foresne to be part of the Epsilonian Republic. He agreed and now Foresne is part of the Epsilonian Republic, as you can see on the top of this page.

The Epsilon Awards

Somewhere in late October 2019, Fiork777 asked if Foresne could host the Epsilon Awards. i____7d agreed, so to facilitate this, he delayed the building of Foresne Liveray railway station and started work on the Flying Tree Square, the Confusion Highlands Gondola, and the light rail lines leading up to Postieninsula East station.


This is a list of visitors that have visited Foresne when i____7d or PeacemakerX5 is around.

Geography & Topology


Foresne is mainly located on a hilly forest biome. There are several hills, used for different purposes, and the highest ones can reach 31m above sea level. The district of Postiensci is special as it is mainly located on a plains biome (Postieninsula is located in the forest); however, it still has a lot of slopes. The Postiensci Botanic Gardens and Nature Reserve north of Postiensci is in a flower forest where the hills can go higher than 31m. In the future, Foresne will be extended to an Extreme Hills biome in the north, where Eaukoi will be; however, it has already covered the extreme hills biome in the east: Confusion Highlands is at the northeast of Postiensci.

Foresne follows this altitude system: (refer to y-coord)

  • 60-65: Lower Lowlands - banks around the lakes usually are this low.
  • 66-70: Upper Lowlands - found all over the place.
  • 71-75: Lower Midlands - usually plains and meadows.
  • 76-80: Upper Midlands - usually meadows and some lower hills.
  • 81-90: Lower Highlands - usually hills.
  • 91-100: Upper Highlands - some hills. The highest ones in the forest usually reach 94.
  • 100-150: Extreme Highlands - mountains biome.

List of Hills & Mountains

Coming soon!


Foresne also has several lakes, most of hem are less than 3m deep. at the central area; for example, the Radiant Lakes in the south and the Postiensci Lakes in the north-east. Some of these lakes have piers in them, making it possible to travel by boat across these lakes.

Below is a list of lakes.

Note: really small ponds are not counted. The smallest lake recorded is Small Stonks Lake.

Central/Radiant Hills

  • Solstice Lake
  • Equinox Lake
  • Mayor's Lake
  • City Hall Lake
  • SW6 Pond
  • Hospital Lake


  • Stonks Lake
  • Postieninsula North Lake
  • Postieninsula South Lake
  • Small Stonks Lake

Postiensci/Confusion Highlands

  • Postienvista Lake


  • Museum Lake
  • Wontridge North Lake
  • Wontridge South Lake


  • Liveray Lake


There are several rivers snaking around Foresne. Sometimes they become valleys, and sometimes they go through big lakes.

Below is a list of them.

  • Foresne River
  • Postiensci River
  • Liveray North River
  • Liveray South River


Inside some of these lakes and rivers there may be some islands. They are usually small, seldom big enough to house buildings.

Types of Islands

  • An Island is a regular island big enough to house a small building, like the Mayor's Residence.
  • An Islet is an island smaller than an Island but is able to fit a 3×3 square within the island.
  • A Rock is any smaller islet.

List of Islands

  • Mayor's Island (in Mayor's Lake)
  • Bonemeal Islet (Foresne River/Solstice Lake)
  • Equinox North Islet (Equinox Lake)
  • Equinox South Islet (Equinox Lake)
  • Solstice South Islet (Solstice Lake)
  • Solstice South Rock (Solstice Lake)
  • Solstice East Islet (Solstice Lake)
  • Museum Island (Museum Lake)
  • Postienray Rock (Postiensci River)


As Foresne is located far south in the Southern hemisphere with cold breezes from the tundra north of Foresne, Foresne experiences around 20-25°C during the summers and 0-5°C during the winters in the plains and forest biomes. In the extreme hills, since it is always overlayed with snow, it experiences -5-0°C in the summer and -25--20°C in the winter. The Highlands in the forest biomes reach 15-20°C in the summer and 0-5°C in the winter.


Foresne's 3*5 flag and banner at City Hall.

The flag of Foresne is coloured light blue, with a horizontal stripe of white in the middle and a symbol of a flying tree. The light blue represents peace. The white represents democracy, and the flying tree represents freedom. An example of the flag can be seen above the info center near SW6. The smallest size possible of the flag is 6×12.

A more compact version (3×5) can be found in City Hall. The light blue and white are in the same pattern, just that there is a spot of brown in the middle center and the lighter and darker colours of the tree are on the top and bottom center respectively, forming a vertical stripe representing a tree.

The banner of Foresne is similar. It is a light blue banner with a vertical white stripe in the middle, and a horizontal green stripe in the middle, representing the flying tree, since trees can't be put on banners.


Foresne is divided into several districts, at follows:

  • Central
  • Wontridge
  • Radiant Hills
  • Postiensci
  • Shenmore
  • Confusion Highlands
  • Liveray
  • Hincothe

Future districts:

  • Nantek
  • Buzihdau
  • Edgeside
  • Aviatree
  • Kaexio
  • Eaukoi
  • Qwoaie
  • Sentient (something)

Districts, Buildings & Architecture


The heart of Foresne. This is where the main elements of the city are around. There is place for tourism and offices. There is also a Chinatown here. The Mayor lives in this district, on Mayor's Island in Mayor's Lake.

This district is located on a forest biome with multiple hills. There is a mix of lowland, midland and highland.

Buildings The buildings follow a style of oak and birch planks. They usually alternate between different buildings. At every floor, there is a layer of slab jutting out. The roof is steep at the back and gentle and flat at the front.

(MRT Station) (0 East-West Blvd)

1. Foresne Police - Foresne Central Post (1 East-West Blvd)

2. ForesCompany HQ (3 East-West Blvd)

3. ForesInn - Foresne Central Branch (4 East-West Blvd)

4. ForesTower (5 East-West Blvd/1 Insanity Blvd/2 Lowland Gateway)

5. City Hall (1 City Hall Av)

6. Mayor's House

-. Foresne General Hospital

  7. Foresne Clinics - Foresne Central Branch (1 Accident Av)

  8. FGH A&E Department (2 Accident Av)

  9. FGH Clinics (U/C)

  10. FGH Wards Blocks 1-9 (U/C)

11. Accident Street Primary School (U/C)

12. Accident Street Secondary School (U/C)

13. Foresne Central Tourist Centre (2 East-West Blvd)

14. Foresne Transport Museum/FLTA HQ (1 Lowland Gateway/2 Insanity Blvd)

15-22. Chinatown

23. New Jourdain Embassy (6 East-West Blvd)

Non-building Attractions

- MRT Square

- SW6 Pond Park

- SW6 Hill

- City Hall Bridge


A district at the west of Central. Wontridge is planned to be a residential and commercial place. Currently, it has a museum.

The hills are located mainly on lower highland. There are lower to upper lowland near the lakes.

Buildings The walls of the buildings alternate between birch and spruce planks and stripped logs. They are built in a way that looks like the stripped logs are stacked and crossed at the corners and the planks fill in the gaps. The roofs are pitched, with curved corners.

1-3. Wontridge Museum

Radiant Hills

A future district at the south of Central. Radiant Hills is planned to be a residential place.


A district north-east of Central. This district has the richest residents and will have fancy shoppes.

Postiensci is mainly located on a midland plains biome, except for Postieninsula, which is in a forest biome.

Buildings The style is a bit freestyle, but the palette is usually made out of white and greyish blocks like quartz and stone.

1-3. Postieninsula Estate Houses

-. Postiensci Shoppes (planned)

-. ForesInn Postiensci (planned)

Non-building Attractions

- Postieninsula Park


A district north of Central, north of Stonks Lake. This district will be slightly futuristic, and it will be residential and commercial, housing a transit hub.

The district is located on a plains biome, with some lowland and midland.

Buildings The buildings are futuristic as well, with wide spaces and angular roofs and walls. They are mainly built out of quartz and iron blocks. There are lots of skyscraper condominiums in the area.

1. Foresne Liveray railway station

Confusion Highlands

This district is located northeast of Postiensci, and it is allocated mainly for residential use. A landmark is located here.

The district is located in an extreme hills biome, with some midlands to some extreme highlands.

Buildings The buildings are mainly made of stone-related blocks such as andesite, regular stone and stone bricks.

Non-building attractions:

- Flying Tree Square


The landmark of Foresne is the Flying Tree Square. It is a slab of stone and andesite with a flying tree at the front of the square. Seats are placed facing the tree. The tree represents freedom, like in the flag. Also, this idea sparked when i____7d was dreaming at night about a platform in the mountains for observatory and it was built as this square, which could mean that in Foresne, your dreams come true. The square can be used for speeches and events, where the flying tree is the stage. There are shops below the square.

In December, this place will be used for the Epsilon Awards.

Directions there

From SW6

  • Take Line 1 from Foresne Central eastward to Suspension Hill
  • Take Line 4 from Suspension Hill northward to Postiensci East
  • Take the gondola (Line CG) from Postiensci East to Flying Tree Square

From SW5 (not yet)

  • Take Line 1 from Shenmore westward to Suspension Hill
  • Follow steps 2-3 of "From SW6"

From Foresne Liveray (not yet)

  • Take Line 4 from Liveray southward to Postiensci East
  • Follow step 3 of "From SW6"

Internal Transport & Transit


The roads in Foresne are categorised, as such: (Text in () are examples)

Types of Roads

  • Boulevards are large roads, with 2 lanes in both directions and sidewalks. They usually go through busy places in districts and serve as a 'mini-highway'. (East-West Blvd)
  • Avenues and Streets are smaller roads that usually branch off Boulevards. (Accident Av branching off Insanity Blvd) They have 1 lane in both directions and sidewalks. They can go through places that Boulevards are too big for. (Mayor's Lake Av) Streets are shorter than Avenues and they usually branch off them. (Postieninsula St branching off Postieninsula Av)
  • Drives are the smallest type of roads. They are 4 blocks wide with no divider or sidewalks. These type of roads are meant to either go through places that are too small for bigger roads (SW6 Pond Drive), or to serve a part of a land that is not covered by that bigger road (Mayor's Lake-Chinatown Drive).
  • Circuses are roundabouts. They usually have 2 lanes. (Lowland Circus)
  • Gateways can be any type of road. They usually go from of a place in a district and continue to another part of the district. (Lowland Gateway coming from Lowland Hill)

List of Roads


  • East-West Blvd
  • North-South Blvd
  • Insanity Blvd
  • City Hall Blvd
  • Mayor's Lake Av
  • SW6 Pond Av
  • City Hall Av
  • Lowland Hill Av
  • Lowland Gateway
  • Accident Av
  • Chinatown Av
  • Chinatown Sts 1-3
  • Mayor's Lake-Chinatown Drive
  • SW6 Pond Drive
  • Lowland Circus


  • Insanity Av
  • Museum East Valley Sts 1-2

Radiant Hills

  • City Hall Blvd


  • Postieninsula Av
  • Postieninsula St
  • Postiensci Gateway
  • Postiensci Blvd


  • Postiensci Gateway
  • East-West Blvd


  • Postiensci Blvd
  • Station Blvd

Confusion Highlands

Foresne Light Rail

The Foresne Light Rail is a light rail service that runs around Foresne. Currently it has only three lines, but planned to have four.

System map

Line 1

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png WTE Wontridge
Dynmap Green Flag.png WTM Wontridge Museum
Dynmap Green Flag.png CNA Chinatown
Dynmap Green Flag.png SW6 Foresne Central  SW6   2   E 
Dynmap Green Flag.png LLC Lowland Circus  3 
Dynmap Green Flag.png SMD Shenmeadow
Dynmap Green Flag.png SPH Suspension Hil  4 
Dynmap Green Flag.png SW5 Shenmore  SW5 

Line 2

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Pin.png LVR Liveray (planned)  4   E   Warp Rail 
Dynmap Green Flag.png $LW Stonks Lake West
Dynmap Green Flag.png AHE Accident Hill East
Dynmap Green Flag.png SW6 Foresne Central  SW6   1   E 
Dynmap Green Flag.png CTH City Hall  3 

Line 3

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Pin.png BTG Botanic Gardens (planned)  4 
Dynmap Pin.png PCI Postiensci (planned)
Dynmap Green Flag.png PNA Postieninsula
Dynmap Green Flag.png LLC Lowland Circus  1 
Dynmap Green Flag.png CTH City Hall  2 
Dynmap Green Flag.png MPA Mayor's Peninsula
Dynmap Pin.png SNZ Solstinox Zoo (planned)

Line 4

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Pin.png LVR Liveray (planned)  2   E   Warp Rail 
Dynmap Pin.png BTG Botanic Gardens (planned)  3 
Dynmap Green Flag.png PCE Postiensci East  CG 
Dynmap Green Flag.png SPH Suspension Hill  1 
Dynmap Pin.png ?LE Question Lake (planned)

FLR Commuter

The FLR Commuter will be a express service that uses vanilla rails. The distance between stops will be longer than that of the regular light rail. Currently, 1 line is planned.

Line E

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Pin.png LVR Liveray (planned)  2   4   Warp Rail 
Dynmap Pin.png SW6 Foresne Central (planned)  SW6   1   2 

FLR Gondola

The gondolas use warps. They are mainly used in extreme hills biomes. Currently, 1 line has been built.

Line CG (Confusion Highlands Gondola)

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png PCE Postiensci East  4 
Dynmap Green Flag.png PVT Postienvista
Dynmap Green Flag.png FTS Flying Tree Square

FLR Regional

The FLR Regional is planned to be a warp rail service that serves nearby towns around Foresne. The main hub is Foresne Liveray.

We plan to serve:

  • Peace's town
  • Ironfield
  • New Genisys
  • Devon/Harrington?
  • Southbank?
  • Fiorksburg


Boats (the vanilla kind, not warp) are used to travel across/along rivers and lakes. The piers are made of slabs with fences at the side. Below is a list of piers.

  • Mayor's Lake Pier
  • Mayor's Island Pier
  • Mayor's Peninsula North Pier
  • Mayor's Peninsula South Pier
  • Bonemeal Islet Pier
  • SW6 Pond Pier
  • City Hall North Pier
  • City Hall South Pier (planned)
  • Postieninsula Street Pier
  • Postieninsula Park Pier


There are several alleyways in Foresne. They usually go between buildings. Below is a list of them.


  • Station East Alley
  • ForesCompany Alley
  • Info Center Alley
  • Central Station Alley
  • Info-Central Station Alley


The only connection in Foresne is MRT. In the future Foresne will have a warp rail service, and a road connection to a future A25.


Foresne is served by  SW5  Foresne Shenmore (Shenmore) and  SW6  Foresne Central (Central). In the future, it will be served by  SW7  Foobar.

Warp Rail

The terminus of Foresne for warp rail will be Foresne Liveray railway station. It will have 10 platforms.

Platform allocation from north to south:

  • 2N/2S - free
  • 1N/1S - service to Ironfield & Seolho
  • 0N/0S - NewRail EpsilonRail
  • -1N/-1S - RaiLinQ
  • -2N/-2S - free/RaLinQ

Of course, more platforms will be built, if necessary.


In the future, Fiork777 might build the A25 (or something other than A25) that will serve Foresne. It is planned to run through the north of Liveray.

Want a residence?

Cool! Contact me and show(if I'm on)/tell(if I'm not) me which house you want in Foresne. I'll check if it's vacant and I'll give it to you. Houses are always free. Note that you can't claim hotel rooms (e.g. ForesInn) because it's obvious.

List of Houses

Note: please do not edit this section if i____7d has not given it to you to avoid confusions. Thanks!

  • Mayor's House (Mayor's Island) - i____7d
  • 1 Postieninsula Av - ModernArt
  • 1 Postieninsula St -
  • 2 Postieninsula St -

Wanna host an event here?

Wontridge Museum

This is a place for your exhibitions. Just tell i____7d if you want to book a exhibit and until when. The cost is $0.50 per day, $5 per week. Your exhibit will be automatically cleared when it is past the deadline.

  • Exhibit 1 -
  • Exhibit 2 -
  • Exhibit 3 -

Nearest light rail station: Wontridge Museum (Line 1)

Flying Tree Square

This is a place to host speeches, ceremonies, etc. If you want to use this place for a day, tell i____7d. There is no cost.

  • Epsilon Awards - 28 Dec

Nearest light rail station: Postiensci East (Line 4) via Gondola from Flying Tree Square

Stage Info Behind the flying tree structure is a trapdoor down to a prep room. This is where the emcees, awardees, etc. can stay, like a backstage. To go up to the stage, just use the ladders. There are 2 ladders that you need to climb. You should enter onto the stage via the tree trunk. There is a pedestal already there for speeches.

Convention Center (in the future)

Theatre (in the future)