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*Bakersville Penn
*Bakersville Penn
*Bakersville Grand Central
*Bakersville Grand Central
*Beach Station
*Central Station
*Covina Theatre
*Covina Theatre
*Downtown AT
*Downtown AT
*Downtown Solarion  
*Downtown Solarion  
*Ferry Station
*Fort Yaxier West
*Fort Yaxier West
*Florensia Memorial
*Florensia Memorial
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*Utopia AFK
*Utopia AFK
''See [[Great Western Railway]]''
''See [[Great Western Railway]]''

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Fred Rail | B&SC RR | PS&L | Met Rail | PATH | Great Western Railway | New Bakersville Railroad | XenRail | Waterville - Orio Streetcar
Fred Rail
President FredTheTimeLord
Map Designer KittyCat11231
Additional Information
Parent Company Fred Brand
Facts and figures
Number of stations open 46 Total
(30 Fred Rail, 4 Great Western Railway, 2 Met Rail, 2 PS&L, 4 PATH, 4 Waterville and Orio Streetcar)

Fred Rail is a warp train company owned by FredTheTimeLord. Originally founded in late December, Fred Rail is the second largest growing Warp Train company on the server*. Fred Rail runs both Warp Trains and Minecart systems, although the only major abundance of Fred Rail's Minecart Systems is run by the BTA of Bakersville.


Fred Rail serves various locations from Heampsted to Tranquil Forest. Each station has a sign or board identifying that it is Fred Rail. If you are still unsure, each Fred Rail train can be located by it's Lapis and Polished Andesite color scheme. Above each door is a sign that shows the terminus and the next station. Depending on the rail car, the warp sign may be located in different places.

Map Guide

Each train is required to stop at a station, but various stations have various distinguishing factors such as quality and size. Therefore, stations are organised by the lines connecting.

FR Express.PNG This shows a simple express station, as it serves multiple Fred Rail trains but is not a direct major transit hub for other companies.

FR Local.PNG This shows a local stop. Although AFK is a major transit hub, it does NOT serve multiple Fred Rail trains.


Fred Rail Map v1.png

Lines and Services

Fred Rail Lines

Line Name Stations Along the Line
Main Line Fort Yaxier > EBI > Astoria (Open) > Levittown > Segville Int'l (Open) > UCWTIA (Open)> Formosa > Laclede North > Westchester Junction > Bakersville Grand Central (Open)
Central Line Utopia (Open) > Segville Int'l (Open) > UCWTIA (Open) > Formosa > Bakersville Grand Central (Open)
Southern Regional Railroad Fort Yaxier West (Open) > Astoria (Open) > Wythern (Open) >Tranquil Forest (Open)
Southern Central Fort Yaxier (Open) > Zaquar (Open) > Whiteley (Open) > Utopia (Open)
Western Line Utopia (Open) > Kolpino (Open) > Espil (Open) > Heampsted (Open)
Espil - UCWT Espil (Open) > Kolpino (Open) > UCWTIA [One Way] > Southgate Station [One Way] > Formosa [One Way] > Kolpino Int'l [One Way] > Kolpino (Open) > Espil (Open)
Shuttle Utopia (Open) > Anthony Fokker Int'l (Open)
B & PMW Railroad Bakersville Grand Central (Open) > Belvadere > Lanark > Pine Mountain - Welsbury
B & K Railroad Bakersville Grand Central (Open) > Waterville > Armada > Spruce Valley > Vegita > Kennington
Crescent Service Bakersville Grand Central (Open) > Penn Station (Open) > BirchView > Quiris > Pine Mountain - Welsbury
Eastern Line Bakersville Grand Central (Open) > BirchView > Shadowpoint > New Bakersville > Airchester
Western Central Bakersville Grand Central (Open) > Laclede > Amestris > Freshney > Spring Valley
Bakersville Central Mons Pratus > Bakersville Grand Central (Open) > New Carrollton > Penn Station (Open) > Woodsdale (Open)
North Eastern Penn Station (Open) > Belvadere > Quiris > St. Anna > Ravenna
Banana Line Bakersville Grand Central (Open) > Quiris > Banana
Acela Express Lanark > Penn Station (Open) > Heights City > Liten
North Regional Bakersville Grand Central (Limited Service) (Open) > Penn Station (Open) > Woodsdale > Mihama > Heights City > Quiris > Liten
Washingcubian Penn Station (Open) > Laclede > Spruce Plains > Washingcube
Empire Service Penn Station (Open)) > Spruce Plains > Pasadena
Times Square Shuttle Lanark > Times Square
Waterville Shuttle Freshney > Pasadena > Waterville
Lochminehead Limited Siletz (Open) > Dabecco (Open) > Lochminehead (Open)
South East Connector Tranquil Forest (Open) > Marblegate > Freedon
Freedon Shuttle Freedon > Airchester
Coaster Central City > Mons Pratus > Penn Station > BirchView > Shadowpoint South
Richville Shuttle Tranquil Forest (Open) > Richville (Open)

Subsidiary Rail Companies

These are smaller Rail companies that Fred Rail either owns or operates.

Bakersville and Seneca Canal Railroad (B&SC)

Stations Along the Line
Winekiki Beach > Fairfield Junction > Christi > Amestris > West Calbar (Main Line)
Fairfield Junction > Westchester > Maybrook Depot (Fairfield Branch)
Mons Pratus > Fairfield Junction > Maybrook Depot (Mons Pratus Branch)

Pearl Coast, Sealane, and Laclede Railroad (PS&L)

Stations Along the Line
East Utopia > Coalwood > Danielston Depot (Coalwood Branch)
Laclede South Terminal > Cornus > Xilia > New Forest Station (Open) > Southgate Station (Open) > East Utopia > Elecna Bay > Tranquil Forest > Pearl Coast (Main Line)
Laclede South Terminal > Formosa > Danielston Depot (Danielston Branch)
Southgate (Open) > Cornus > Bakersville Grand Central (Open) (Bakersville Branch)

Met Rail

Stations Along the Line
Numark Union Station (Open) > Eastern Ave/ Museum Station (Open) > Bus Depot > Southwold International > Cacturn Blvd > Hinkley (Eastern Corridor)
Numark Union Station (Open) (Met Rail Electric)
Numark Union Station (Open) > Bus Depot > Benton Row > Bayfront > Maple Street (Southern Corridor)

Great Western Railway (GWR)

Stations Along the Line
Spruce Valley (Open) > Chillington (Open)(Chillington Branch)
Venceslo (Open) > Whiteley (Open) > Numark (Open) (Venceslo Branch)

Individual Line Information

 Main Line  

List of Open Stations

Fred Rail

  • Astoria
  • AT
  • ATC
  • AT Suburb
  • Bakersville Penn
  • Bakersville Grand Central
  • Beach Station
  • Central Station
  • Covina Theatre
  • Dabecco
  • Downtown AT
  • Downtown Solarion
  • Eastport
  • Espil
  • Ferry Station
  • Fort Yaxier West
  • Florensia Memorial
  • Freshney
  • Heampstead
  • Kolpino
  • Lanark
  • Lochminehead
  • New Carrollton
  • Outer Solarion
  • Segville
  • Siletz
  • Spring Valley
  • Tranquil Forest
  • Utopia
  • Utopia AFK
  • Westport
  • Woodsdale
  • Whiteley
  • Wythern
  • Zaquar


See Great Western Railway

  • Chillington
  • Spruce Valley
  • Whitley
  • Venceslo

Met Rail

See Met Rail

  • Numark Union Station
  • Eastern Ave/ Museum Station


  • Sealane New Forest
  • Sealane Southgate



  • Kings Bridge
  • Old Town
  • Union Station
  • World's Fair

Waterville - Orio Streetcar

  • Airport
  • City Hall
  • Orio Loop
  • West Highlands

Track Sharing and Rail Corridors

Fred Rail shares tracks owned by other companies, as well as shares their own tracks.

Unowned Track Usage

Shared Tracks

Fred Rail Rolling Stock

Generation I

Generation I, or classic Fred Rail, was the original company. It had odd looking rolling stock that mainly consisted of a lapiz lazuli and polished andesite.

The First logo made for Fred Rail, a blue and grey "f", was created by NaviGraphics and showed the original Blue Grey color scheme


Contract Number Line(s) Photo Year Built Type Notes
FR - Acela Engine Acela Express FR Acela Engine.png 1999 Diesel Electric Multiple Unit *Speed of 100 - 200 mph
FR - M8 Shuttle FR M8.png 2013 Electric Multiple Unit *Powered by catinary or third rail
FR - 14 Southern Central, Central Line, North Eastern FR 14.png 1978 Diesel Electric Multiple Unit *A smaller version of the EMD AEM-7
FR - 34 SRR, Western Line FR 34.png 1970 Diesel Electric Multiple Unit *Oldest engine built under Fred Rail in service
FR 4-4-0 B&PMWRR FR 440.png 1900 Steam *Oldest engine that Fred Rail operates. Originally built by the B&PMWRR
LNER Flying Scotsman Main Line FR Flying Scotsman.png 1923 Steam *Acquired from England in January 2017
P40DC- (GE Genesis) Espil - UCWT, B&KRR, Eastern Line FR GE Genisis.png 1992 Diesel *Average GE Genesis
MTA R160 North Western Express FR R160.png 2006 Electric *Customized NYC Subway Cars for Long Distance Travel

Generation II

Generation II added two new locomotives to the Fred Rail Rolling Stock.


Contract Number Line(s) Photo Year Built Type Notes
P32AC-DM (GE Genesis) Empire Service, Crescent Service FR P32AC-DM.png 1992 Diesel Electric Multiple Unit *Electric compatible to reduce emissions in tunnels
EMD AEM-7 North Western, North Regional FR EMD AEM-7.png 1978 Electric

Maintenance Locomotives

Contract Number Line(s) Photo Year Built Type Notes
FR - 24 Compatible on any rail line FR 24.png 1990 Diesel *Used for maintenance in small, crowded areas
FR - 44 Compatible on any rail line FR 44.png 1970 Diesel *Retrofitted passenger engines used for freight

Generation III

In Generation III, we saw an updated color scheme with a better, more enhanced livery made of concrete. Red was also introduced as a Fred Rail color.

Generation III also saw a new logo, with grey, blue, and red


Contract Number Line(s) Photo Year Built Type Notes
FR GG1 Washingcubian FR GG1.png 1972 Electric
EMD F40PH Bakersville Central FR EMD F40PH.png 1988 Diesel *Bought from Amtrak
Berkshire 2-8-4 Banana Line FR 2-8-4.png 1925 Steam *Bought from Erie Railroad

Generation IV

Generation IV had a major overhaul of Fred Rail cars and locomotives, updating their livery and redoing car interiors.

Fred Rail Freight