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| [[SkyRaven]]
| [[SkyRaven]]
| {{u|TalonPlays]}
| {{u|TalonPlays}}

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Freedon Silverwood International Airport is an airport for Freedon.

Gate Assignments

Gate Number Gate Type Destination(s) Airline Owner Status
A1 Medium UCWTIA FlyCreeper Frosty_Creeper10
A2 Medium UCWTIA SkyTrans camelfantasy
A3 Medium
A4 Medium
A5 Medium UCWTIA + FYI Infamous Airlines woorich999
A6 Medium Infamous Airlines woorich999
A7 Medium FYI + UCWTIA FreeAir Soso123
A8 Medium BVL + JDL FreeAir Soso123
A9 Large FYI SkyTrans camelfantasy
A10 Large FreeAir Soso123
A11 Medium
A12 Medium
A13 Medium
A14 Medium
A15 Medium SkyRaven TalonPlays
A16 Medium Waypoint CortesiRaccoon
A17 Medium Marblelake Int'l + EBI BluAir hvt2011
A18 Medium ATC BART Airlines 6687kittycat|Kastle]}

Gate Requests

--ConnConn (talk) 05:17, 15 April 2018 (UTC)
Gate Type + Numbers Destination(s) Airline Owner
12019014912899018095 medium and 1209412824098109241 small Tacoland, Frumple's homey, central park, burrito gardens, potatoland, bay of quiris lllllllllllllllllll Airlines asjioasjdiojasdioajsiodjaidjasiodj
1 small and 1 helicopter Not sure Sandy Air Conn Conn 2005
1 Heli and 1 Medium Not certain Veolia Airways DevranTheBoyxD
1 Small, 1 Medium Ilirea Midcity, Waterville Municipal and not certaint. FlyArctic Ptld
1 Medium Ilirea Midcity Airport Ilirea Airlines mikefishr
3 Medium (I want to make a mini hub) Titsensaki Sealerwhale Airport (future) , and the other 2 arent decided yet National Airlines Writen by frogggggg, also owned by Alfie and Modern