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Town officials
Mayor SirNatureWriter
Deputy Mayor N/A
MRT N/A (yet)
Roadways N/A (yet)
Nearest airport N/A
Other transit Frostbite Metro
Facts and figures
Population 1
Founded 10 August 2017
Recognized as town N/A
Town rank Unranked
Official language(s) English(Official), French(Secondary)
World new
Post codes FB8
Other info
Spleef Team Frostbite SC

Frostbite is the first and currently only town under development by SirNatureWriter. Located in the center of the largest Tundra peninsula in Ward 8, it is fully isolated with no nearby rail lines or highways to connect to. It is the location of the Quill and Ink, Inc. headquarters. The town is mainly themed around the snowy landscape surrounding it, and each district uses this technique regardless of the style of buildings within the district.

Attractions/Notable Buildings

  • The Living Tree, a deciduous tree thriving in the permafrost decorated every three months and sometimes adorned with seasonal decorations.
    • Location: Spruce Valley Parkway and Eversnow Avenue
  • Frostbite Arena, home stadium for Frostbite SC in Major League Spleef
    • Location: Stadium Road and C-1


There are only three transport systems currently in development: An internal metro line, an unofficial "C-Class" highway system inspired by London150, and the Friendly Box, a series of purpur boxes designed to aid guests by placing uCars.

Frostbite Metro

The Frostbite Metro is planned to run in three loops centered at the Urban Gold station.

Code Station Line Color Status
 OL1  Spruce Valley Origin Loop Functional
 OL2  Downtown Green Origin Loop Planning
 OL3  Origin Loop Unplanned
 OL4  Origin Loop Unplanned
 OL5  Eversnow Origin Loop Planning
 OLA  Stadium Station Origin Web Planning
 OLB  Origin Web Unplanned
 CUG  Urban Gold Central Station Planning


C1 Highway
Constructor SirNatureWriter
Construction Start Date August 14, 2017
Route Spruce Valley Parkway - ???
Status Partially open
Notes Open from Spruce Valley to Exit 1
Exit List
Number of exits 2
Exit 1 Stadium Road (Open)
Exit 2 C2 Highway (Planned)

Friendly Boxes

Important note

Due to a tps experiment which proved unnecessary, the entire Friendly Box system has been destroyed. Reconstruction will begin shortly. We apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused.

List of Locations

Location District Status
Crazy Steve's Fishing Warehouse Eversnow Repairs Necessary
Quill and Ink, Inc. Spruce Valley Repairs Necessary

Franchise List

This is a list of all franchises currently in the city.