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GSM Town is a community project on an archipelago in the Northern Ocean, organized by chiefbozx based off an idea by Vulpicula. The town is built and managed akin to Whelburn on the old world on GSM days, and managed like a standard town on other days. Day-to-day management is undertaken by Administrator and Staff Meetings Coordinator chiefbozx.

The idea for GSM Town was originally proposed by Vulpicula while the November 2019 GSM was in progress, and people started building things on the roof of Rank Resort Central Station. After the GSM ended, Chief found a set of decently sized and unclaimed islands and declared them open for building.

GSM Town is open for construction by all community members beginning at the daily server restart preceding an announced GSM or ASM, and closes at the following daily restart. For secret and emergency GSMs and ASMs, GSM Town is open for construction beginning at the start of the press conference (if there is one) or the end of the meeting, and closes at the second following daily server restart (meaning construction will be open for over 24 hours). The November 2019 GSM was an exception to this schedule; as GSM Town is new and a system crash occurred in the middle of the construction session, an extra 24 hours of construction time was granted.

Town Rules

  • All members are permitted to construct buildings in the town during open construction periods, which are defined as follows and occur roughly once a month:
    • For a scheduled General or Administrative Staff Meeting, open construction begins at the server restart immediately preceding the meeting and ends at the server restart immediately following the meeting.
    • For an unscheduled, secret, or emergency General or Administrative Staff Meeting, open construction begins at the beginning of the press conference (if there is one) or the end of the meeting, and ends at the second daily restart after the end of the meeting.
    • Special open construction periods may be declared at the town mayor's discretion (these can be expected on significant server holidays)
  • No construction is permitted by anyone outside of open construction periods. Builds that are left incomplete at the end of an open construction period must be left incomplete until the next open construction period.
  • Buildings are assumed to be publicly owned and modifiable by anyone during open construction periods. Members may designate structures and buildings that they have built as "private", meaning standard server rules apply, however this is strongly discouraged.
  • Members are asked to make buildings look reasonably realistic and the town mostly presentable. The standards of realism are slightly relaxed given the collaborative nature, however members are encouraged to nonetheless put some effort into their work.
  • Chief is the mayor and Vulpicula is the deputy mayor; these roles are primarily for bookkeeping and to comply with server rules. All members have the ability to participate in decisions.

Special Holidays for GSM Town Construction

In addition to the typical GSM/ASM days, GSM Town is open for construction on the following server holidays. The construction period here begins at the server restart following midnight UTC on the dates listed, and ending 24 hours later.

  • Server Anniversary (July 13)
  • Gamma Anniversary (October 4)

How to get started

  1. Decide what you want to build.
  2. While not required, contacting a member of the committee responsible for overseeing your project will help make it work well with the rest of the town.
  3. Build your structure during open construction periods.


As GSM Town is a community project, some aspects are managed by committees. Membership of a committee can be checked via the town's Discord server. The intent of the committees is not to create a system of bureaucracy, as when construction is open members do not need permission to build, however these committees provide a good starting point for new players to learn how to get involved.

  • The Transport Committee is tasked with building and maintaining all transportation infrastructure within the town limits, and being the point of contact for establishing transportation connections to the outside world.
  • The Commerce Committee is tasked with marketing GSM Town to franchises and managing franchise locations built within the town.
  • The Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Committee is tasked with building all housing units and coordinating the urban planning aspects of the town. HUD committee members can also design and build some of the larger skyscrapers.
  • The Environment Committee is tasked with maintaining the natural landscape around GSM Town and its islands.