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|founded=September 4, 2018
|founded=September 4, 2018
|recognized=February 4, 2019
|recognized=February 4, 2019
|world=New World
|world=New World

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CPCN stands for City Promotion Candidate Notice. Please place this notice at the top of your city's page when you declare that you are a candidate for promotion to Senator, Governor, or Premier.

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Town Officials
Mayor SoaPuffball
Deputy Mayor MojangChan
Rail mylesMonorail, MoComm
Facts and Figures
Town Hall Coordinates -8542 70 8691
Founded September 4, 2018
Recognized as town February 4, 2019
Town Rank [Mayor]
World New World
Post codes GS6 1IR, GS6 2AE, GS6 3EL, GS6 4LI, GS6 5FL, GS6 6ME
Ward(s) 6

Gemstride is an expansive but peaceful grassy town west of Deadbush, in the middle of the Grand Mesa. It is a town dedicated to a peaceful suburban lifestyle, which the town's builds represent by being small, but detailed and furnished enough. The roads also reflect the style, as they are andesite roads suitable for bikes and people as opposed to the concrete roads of the rest of the Grand Mesa. It is a part of the Nymphic Union and the Kaktus Republic.


The town has a few landmarks, including:

  • Alpha Building, the first building in the town located in the Irida region which was the location of the Town Hall
  • Torch of Peace, a big fountain located in the center of the town in the Irida region
  • Mages' Tower, an ancient tower where mages and wizards train, found above where the Fountain of Peace was later built
  • Museum of Useless Art, a museum full of weird and unusual heads located in Aria's Edge
  • Puffball's Mansion of Heads, a mansion full of custom heads that SoaPuffball collected.
  • Elerian Gate, a gate between the Irida region and the Eleria region
  • Elerian Herbal Museum, a museum of known plants and herbs.
  • Wishful Park, a park in the middle of Eleria that is frequented by residents.
  • Gemstride Convention Center, a small convention center in Lirella that can host various events.
  • Indoor Plaza, a plaza in Lirella that is partly located in a building.



Irida is the easternmost region of Gemstride. Prior to April 30, it was made of two regions, Irida, and Midpeak, which was the area on top of a hill. The region contains the town hall, as well as the Alpha Building, Mages' Tower and the Torch of Peace. It is also home to a mylesMonorail station and the town's library, as well as a few franchises including Tacurger Shack, Italiaso, AstroSlurp, Freshee Tea and 0xcoffee. This region is otherwise dedicated to housing, with six rows of housing in the region. The region also contains boating rentals for people who want to go boating at the nearby lake.

Aria's Edge

Aria's Edge is the region north of Irida and east of Eleria, located on top of a mountain plateau. Unlike Irida, this region is mostly composed of shops, including Potoe & Chicke, Purple Pidgeon, Ice Tea Vendor and Genso Network. It also contains shops from townsfolk, like a café and a herbal shop. Landmarks located here include the Museum of Useless Art and the Mansion of Heads. The town's spleef arena is also located here, as well as Gemstride Aria's Peak Helipad.


Eleria is the central region of Gemstride, as well as its "business center", as it contains many shops set up by the town's residents. Apart from these shops, it contains a Metropolitan Cafe, AstroSlurp, and Stew Stop, as well as the town's jailhouse, post office, real estate office, and the Elerian Herbal Museum. This region also has a lot of parks, one of which is Wishful Park, another of the town's landmarks.


Lirella is a new district in the west of the Diamond Lake. It contains a MoComm station, and the Indoor Park and the Convention Center. It is planned to reach up to the west of the Tri-Biome Pass, a landmark where the savannah, desert and badlands collide.


Flaria will be a region in the east of the Diamond Lake and north of Eleria. It will be the location of the high school of Gemstride, and will reach up to the east side of the Tri-Biome Pass.


Melodia is a future region east of Aria's Edge and west of Deadbush's Howard District, as well as the planned location of Gemstride Melodia Airfield, otherwise known as GSM.


Gemstride has a recognizable culture that can be seen around the town. Many of the residents are skilled and creative, and they show their work in shops around the town. A major part of the town's culture are cafes, which are scattered around the town. Cafes are set up in major points around the town such as Ms. Marie's Lakeside Café in the Lakeside Walk, or the Edge Café in Irida near the border between Kota Lembah and Gemstride. As bikes and walking are the main forms of transportation, most of the residents of the town end up healthy.