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|above={{PAGENAME}}<br>'''Genevese Republic'''<br>''République Genevoise''<br>''Genfer Republik''
|above={{PAGENAME}}<br>'''Genevese Republic'''<br>''République Genevoise''<br>''Genfer Republik''
|image= n/a
|image= [[File:Genevese_Republic.png|500px]]

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Genevese Republic
Genevese Republic
République Genevoise
Genfer Republik
Flag of Genevese Republic.png
Anthem Mars de la Liberté
Capital Geneva Bay
Languages English, French, German
Demonym(s) English: Genevese
French: Genevoise
German: Genfer
Government Federal democracy under a multi-party parliamentary republic
President: JustFarkie
Prime Minister: _sans05
Area • n/a
Population 2019 Estimate 114,000
GDP Total 19.75 billion USD$
Per Capita 173,245 USD$
HDI 0.899
Currency Genevemark
Driving Side Right

The Genevese Republic is a federal democratic republic in Ward 1 of the New World. On 12th August 2019, President JustFarkie declared the city independent and thus founded the Genevese Republic.


The Government of the Genevese Republic is largely controlled by the President, with a small parliament of six ministers representing the different regions of the republic.

Number Name Term
1 Architect_21 April 30, 2016 - April 8, 2017
2 EliteNeon April 8, 2017 - April 30, 2017
3 JustFarkie April 30, 2017 -

Vice President
Number Name Term
1 EliteNeon April 30th, 2016 - April 8th, 2017
2 none April 8th, 2017 - April 30th, 2017
3 Frogs4Life April 30th, 2017 - August 5th, 2019
4 _sans05 August 5th, 2019 -