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Quick info:
Town Name: Gryffin
Mayor: Foxwolf11
Deputy Mayor: FiorkG
MRT: V44,V45

Location: Southern Desert, (7758,16095)
Mayor: Foxwolf11
Deputy Mayor: FiorkG
Head of Justice: <>
Head of Relations: <>
Head of Transportation: <>
Head of Parks and Recreation: <>
Head of the Treasury: <>
Head of Commerce: <>

 V44  Foobar (soon to be Gryffin Expo)

 V45  Foobar (soon to be Gryffin Central Station)
Southrail: <>
Important Dates
Founded: January 10, 2019


Gryffin is a city at V44-V45 created by Foxwolf11. It was started on or around January 10, 2019. It is built to model a town in the desert, much like Phoenix, AZ or Albuquerque, NM. It was originally founded to be a subdivision much like what you would see in America, with houses that look basically the same. However, very early in the design stage, Foxwolf11 changed gears and decided to make it a rising metropolis, with the hopes of reaching the rank of [Premier] one day. Foxwolf11 stumbled across this land on Dynmap, and decided it would be perfect! He raced over there, crossing his fingers it was still unclaimed. He went there....and it was!!! He quickly claimed it and started building right away. The first thing he built was the Marketplace Fountain, with the help of sesese9 to place the water (He was still a [Member] at the time.) It is currently unranked.


V44-Foobar (soon to be Gryffin Expo)
V45-Foobar (soon to be Gryffin Marketplace)
MetroRail (coming soon)


This is the first district of Gryffin. It contains apartments, retail, V45, Foxwolf11's House, the Gryffin Welcome Center (under construction) and the Gryffin Info Board (under construction)
-Expo This district is centered around V44. More Info later.