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Gryffin/KR Feud

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This page has been to document the history of the feud between the City of Gryffin and the Kaktus Republic. It will be as unbiased as possible.


The feud started when Cact0, the leader of the KR, wanted to visit the City of Gryffin. The visit was positive in nature, until Cact0 decided to enter a restricted area with unauthorized access. The Gryffin mayor Foxwolf11 then attempted to poison Cact0 with splash potions. Cact0 then dispensed lingering chemical weapons all over Gryffin. The Gryffin mayor was poisoned, and then claimed Cact0 was "harassing him". Mi_aquamarine, also on at the time, requested Foxwolf TP, and locked him in a poorly lighted room of the Sunshine Coast Embassy of Kevtropolis. The Gryffin mayor took this as a sign of aggression, and dug his way out, destroying part of the embassy in the process. Cact0 and mi_aquamarine accused him with allegations of Griefing and summoned him to a court in Sunshine Coast.


Foxwo!f finally agreed to the subpoena, and went to the Court in Sunshine Coast. The judges were Conric005, and Cact0 himself. Foxwolf11 gave defense, claiming that the destruction was justified due to the dark room. However, the judges disagreed, and without proper evidence from the prosecution. They sentenced Foxwolf to a death sentence, and he went back to Gryffin immeadiately to avoid this.