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Hendon is a town that sits on the NE coast. Its station (NE5) is well served by MRT Northern Line services from the North West area to the North East area.

The town is situated on the B12 road that links Xiiona and Shadowpoint. The town is now the junction with the B121 road to Geneva Bay.

Hendon is also a borough as well as a town and serves Hatch End and Harrow in the same area. Hatch End is owned by GrumpyGoomba9 and Harrow is owned by CondinYT, all of which are friends.

The town of Hendon is owned by London150. He built most of the town himself and established a town hall in the old MRT News building.


Hendon has a vast history. It sits on the swamp river and on a lake (the latter being named Hendon Lake). The area around the area was full of hills! Because the B12 road goes through it already, it makes connections to other towns/cities much easier.

When London150 claimed the area (along with NE5 station), he drew out plans in his mind one night and to make it an 'eco' town. Rather than road transport being priority, public transport like metros and trains is key to operate the system. The first section of the Hendon Metro was open between Hendon Mainline (NE5) and Hendon East.

Much of the history is with the lake... being the boats way in and out. When Hendon Bridge opened with the C1 to Hendon Monument, this was probably the first motorway (as destined with the UK Motorways but not with M although it may change in future, keep a eye out on the noticeboard in the town itself) to be built in the Borough of Hendon. . The first tunnel underwater was the Hendon Metro. Named Operation 'Hatch', the line was extended in June 2017. By this time, Hendon had plenty of housing and hotel spaces available.

Roads in Hendon

The Road system in Hendon is now mainly classed as 'C' roads. This will be changed to 'M' roads for motorways and 'C' roads for normal roads and lanes.

C1 runs from Hendon Central (B12) Interchange to the Hendon Business Park and links with the C7, C3/C4 and C5 roads. C2 doesn't currently exist at the moment, this will be planned as another road. This will replace the C7 number soon. C3 runs from Hendon Parkway Junction (C7, Hendon Stadium) to Hatch End (Central). The motorway then turns north and serves a Motorway Service Area (MSA). The services is owned by GrumpyGoomba9 and the services at time of writing was being updated. The C3 then turns in the C4 and the C3 ends at Harrow Junction, just before the lane restrictions of the Harrow Crossing. C4 runs from the Hendon Monument Junction and its main use as a motorway is to serve the Harrow Crossing which is a tunnel/bridge. When the bridge is closed, the tunnels are open but when the bridge is open, the tunnels are closed off. The tunnels will be open 24/7 from the start of September 2017 due to masses of queues in high winds. The C4 turns into the D4 from Harrow Junction and ends on the C3 motorway. C5 is a link road between the C1 motorway and the B12 road. It serves the harbour. C6 doesn't currently exist at all. Another road or motorway may be planned to use the number. C7 currently in use from the B12 on the southern boundary of Hendon and runs to the C1 Hendon Bridge Interchange and there's 2 junctions in between. The first one is a park and ride car park and the second one connects with the C3 motorway.

Borough of Hendon

The Borough of Hendon was formed when Hatch End (GrumpyGoomba9) and Harrow (CondinYT) wanted to join the rest of Hendon to create one large town altogether. Even though they are separate, the towns still comes under the Hendon Borough Council. The council offices are to be created at Hendon Town Hall in September 2017.

Hatch End

This section was written by GrumpyGoomba9, the owner of the town.

Hatch End is a town located in the borough of Hendon. The town is owned by GrumpyGoomba9 and was established in June 2017. Hatch End is situated approximately 200 blocks west of Hendon, and was located there due to the flat land and lake. (known as Hatch End Lake) The name of the town comes from the London Overground station of the same name.

Although Hatch End is not served by a MRT line, it has a metro connection to Hendon at NE5. Hatch End station is currently served by the City line, which offers connections to Hendon and Hendon Beach - and also the Goomba Line, which offers connections to Harrow. Hatch End is also served by the C3 motorway, offering connections to the surrounding towns. Due to the hilly terrain between Hendon and Hatch End, the Goomba Tunnels were constructed on the C3. These tunnels are as old as the town itself, as until the extension of the C3 into Harrow, were the only road in and out of the town. Hatch End also has a ring road, called the D3 (although it is often referred to as the North Circular and South Circular depending on which side of the lake you are on.) There is a major intersection at the entrance to Hatch End, with the junction being split into 3A and 3B (called the Goomba Flyover and Hatch End Flyover respectively,) which links the C3 with the D3. There is also a car park, located under the grassy area outside the station. Hatch End has two bridges, and four tunnels (two being the aforementioned Goomba Tunnels) These are the Double Tunnels, Acacia Bridge and Arch Bridge. There is a services on the C3 between Hatch End and Harrow, which at the time of writing is partially shut for major works. These will add more fuel pumps, as well as a car park and services building.

Currently there is a hotel under construction in the central area built by CondinYT. This should be finished by September 2017. There are also plans for a new housing estate south of the lake, which are currently being finalised.


Harrow is a town inside the Hendon Boundary and is owned by CondinYT. Nearby to Harrow is Hatch End and Hendon itself and all of which is linked by the C3 and C4 motorways.

Although Harrow is near an MRT Line, there's no station serving the town itself. Connections to the rest of the MRT Network is via the Hendon Metro shuttle service from Hendon South Station. The station at Harrow is currently being updated to cater for the NewRail Northern Line service to be served in the town. Hendon has already got a connection to the NewRail network and Harrow could be a quick door to door rail service for the area.

The C3 motorway ends at Harrow Junction, just before the Harrow Crossing. However, the C4 motorway then starts from the junction and ends at the C1 Hendon Monument Interchange. The junction with Hendon Monument only serves the monument itself in the Western direction, not the eastern direction just yet.

Unlike Hatch End, it boasts a suspension bridge carrying the C4 over the lake. One other road goes into the Harrow town centre area, this is the D4. The D4 links the Harrow Junction with the C3/C4 to the centre of Harrow town.

Harrow town centre is still being developed, but has many stunning builds already complete, such as the Arrow Apartments, giving views of Hatch End and Hendon, as well as the recently completed Nyan Tower, built by GrumpyGoomba9 and becoming two of the biggest builds in the surrounding area. Harrow is also on the shore of Redgate Lake, giving a whole new potential to the area. The town is mainly located on a hill above a birch forest, and is south of one of the MRT lines.

Although not much has been built in the area yet, there are a lot of proposals of what is going to happen next. There is a possibility of a shopping mall in the planning stages, as well as a public leisure area near to the main road.

Transport Connections

Connections to Hendon are only available by the B12/B121 road, by boat to Hendon Harbour or by rail to Hendon Mainline (NE5).

The NewRail line to Hendon will be the first major project to be completed since the Hendon Metro opened in May 2017. The station platforms are currently open but the line isn't currently open until the link to other towns are complete.