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IOI Vehicles

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IOI Vehicles
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Senior staff
Founder Johngi
CEO Johngi
Facts and figures
Headquarters Temporary office at Hendon
Founded October 2018
Franchises Venus Albums, La Verde Mare

IanTech is a transportation and retail corporation, which currently only owns retail franchises (namely Venus Albums and La Verde Mare). It was set up by Johngi as an umbrella company for his franchises, and as a company to own the many designs of Vehicles. On Johngi's planning board (in his user page) there are plans for the other companies.


A catalogue of IanTech Vehicles. You can request or view these by mailing (i.e /mail) Johngi.


All busses have a series. This will be a number with at least 3 digits, and the last 2 digits will always be 0. All the entries below until the entry marked "series" will be a model of that series.

Name of Model Description Picture
ITB100series A small city bus, built in a quite old style, that uses diesel fuel. Picture (Yes I am going to use quite a lot of placeholders, I will hopefully get trustee soon and fix that, or get someone else to do it for me.)
ITB105 A larger variant of the ITB100 Picture


Boats are made on contract, and as such, instead of series numbers, they will have names.

Name of Boat Description Picture
Modern River Boat "Bright Cruiser" A narrow, shallow draft riverboat, with open back boarding, planned for service in Carnoustie. Picture
Modern River Boat "Double Decker" A narrow, shallow draft double-decker riverboat, with open back boarding, built due to a miscommunication between CaptainObi and Johngi in the "Bright Cruiser" contract. Picture


Planes are made to fulfil particular goals. This can either be because of the need for it in the market, because the company does not have a version of it, or because of a contract. They are classed by series, each series being a "goal" (like small regional jet) which ends with 3 zeroes. The last 3 numbers are versions of a particular series.


A small regional turboprop, made for light hops. It comes empty, so you can repurpose the interior as much as you want.

Submodels Description Picture
ITP1000 Small regional turboprop, made for light hops. Picture