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IOI Vehicles

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IOI Vehicles
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Senior staff
Founder Johngi
CEO Johngi
Facts and figures
Headquarters Temporary office at Hendon
Founded October 2018

IOI Vehicles is the company that owns what used to be the vehicles of IanTech, and is owned by IOI. As such, the vehicles are still classed "IT" referring to "IanTech" to avoid confusion.


A catalogue of IOI Vehicles. You can request or view these by mailing (i.e /mail) Johngi. Please read the terms and conditions before buying a vehicle.


All busses have a series. This will be a number with at least 3 digits, and the last 2 digits will always be 0. All the entries below until the entry marked "series" will be a model of that series.

Name of Model Description Picture Used By
ITB100series A small city bus, built in a quite old style, that uses diesel fuel. May only be used inside a town. ITB100.png Oasis Sands
ITB105 A larger variant of the ITB100. May be used inside a town or to a maximum of two other towns. ITB105.png N/A


Boats are made on contract, and as such, instead of series numbers, they will have names.

Name of Boat Description Picture Used By
Modern River Boat "Bright Cruiser" A narrow, shallow draft riverboat, with open back boarding, planned for service in Carnoustie. Bright Cruiser.png Not in service in Carnoustie yet.
Modern River Boat "Double Decker" A narrow, shallow draft double-decker riverboat, with open back boarding, built due to a miscommunication between CaptainObi and Johngi in the "Bright Cruiser" contract. Double Decker.png N/A

Passenger Planes

Planes are made to fulfil particular goals. This can either be because of the need for it in the market, because the company does not have a version of it, or because of a contract. They are classed by series, each series being a "goal" (like small regional jet) which ends with 3 zeroes. The last 3 numbers are versions of a particular series.


A small regional turboprop, made for light hops. It comes empty, so you can repurpose the interior as much as you want.

Submodels Description Picture Used By
ITP1000 Small regional turboprop, made for light hops. ITP1000.png FlySubway

Military Planes

Military planes are made for the same reason as passenger planes, and also to recreate historical planes. They are bought for a cheap price for Sunshine Coast and, for everyone and everything else, will be priced according to the purpose (i.e something bought for a museum will cost around the same price as SSC, and something for an enemy may be more expensive, though still within the bounds of reasonable).

Boeing 29 Superfortress

A large, quadruple turboprop plane made for long-range bombing in WW2, including the only use of nuclear bombs in war.

Terms And Conditions

A list of demands and rules to using these vehicles. The general section applies to all vehicles, and the specific sections apply only to vehicles to that type.

  • "You" refers to the party buying the vehicle, usually for only one person.
  • "We" or "Us" refers to IOI and all its divisions and franchises and the people owning and in charge of them.


  • You may not resell any vehicle or service or product sold to you or owned by us, with exception of military planes, under specific conditions listed below. Doing so will trigger the first punishment listed in the punishment section of this article.
  • You may not use any vehicle that you have not bought. Doing so will trigger punishment number 1.
  • You may not use a vehicle without including a sign that says, at the very least, "IOI Vehicles" and is recommended to also include the model of the vehicle. Failure to adhere to regulations will cause punishment number 2.
  • A Vehicle may only be used by the person who bought it originally. If that person owns a company that runs the busses, and another person inside the company wants to use it, then that person must also buy the vehicle.


  • Busses may only be used in lines specified by their type. For example, a city bus may only be used for in town services. This is mostly for realism, but all busses can be used inside a town. Failure to adhere to regulations will cause punishment number 2..


  • Riverboats may only be used on a river or on a passage that does not go further than 100 metres from a landmass. Artificial landmass does not count. The entire passage the riverboat will go on must be deep enough so that the entire boat can fit up to the waterline. The boat may touch the floor of the river. The boat may not touch the side of the river, and must have at least a 1 block gap, except when docked, in which case can be completly touching on one side and/or connected by a bridge on both/the other side. Failure to adhere to regulations will cause punishment number 2.
  • All other boats may go anywhere they like.

Passenger Planes

  • You may paint your plane by replacing any quartz blocks or quartz slabs or quartz stairs with any solid block. This block may not be affected by gravity; glass or glowstone; transparent; have any spaces in it (i.e have holes or gaps) or be any other block used in the plane as it comes, with the exception of black concrete which is also used as the inside of engines. Failure to adhere to regulations will cause punishment number 2.
  • IOI is not responsible for anything painted on a plane.

Military Planes

  • Military planes are bought per plane, not a lifetime pass to the equipment. As such, one person may get two exactly the same planes for wildly different prices, depending on the reason for buying them. Failure to pay for many planes will cause punishment number 1.
  • Military planes, however, may be resold to other parties. However, every plane is sold is a plane you lose. You can choose how much to sell them for. Failure to delete your own plane after sale will cause punishment number 1.
  • You may paint your plane by replacing any block on the plane (except glass of all types, light sources, any block listed under the redstone section and signs) with any other block you want, as long as that block has the same shape. For example, you may replace a stair block with another stair block of different colour, or a solid block with another block which is completely solid. Failure to adhere to regulations will cause punishment number 2.
  • IOI is not responsible for anything painted on a plane


These are a list of punishments, referred to above as "punisment number 1/2"

  1. A ban from buying or using more IOI vehicles until the problem is fixed. This also applies to all companies they own at least a part of.
  2. The person gets a month after the next time they log on to the server to fix the problem or to negotiate a compromise. After 1 month after the next time they log on, the person receives punishment number 1.