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IOI Vehicles
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Senior staff
Founder Johngi
CEO Johngi
Facts and figures
Headquarters Temporary office at Hendon
Founded October 2018

IOI Vehicles is the company that owns what used to be the vehicles of IanTech, and is owned by IOI. As such, the vehicles are still classed "IT" referring to "IanTech" to avoid confusion.


A catalogue of IOI Vehicles. You can request or view these by mailing (i.e /mail) Johngi. Please read the terms and conditions before buying a vehicle.

Passenger Planes

Planes are made to fulfil particular goals. This can either be because of the need for it in the market, because the company does not have a version of it, or because of a contract. They are classed by series, each series being a "goal" (like small regional jet) which ends with 3 zeroes. The last 3 numbers are versions of a particular series.


A small regional turboprop, made for light hops. It comes empty, so you can repurpose the interior as much as you want.

Submodels Description Picture Used By
ITP1000 Small regional turboprop, made for light hops. ITP1000.png FlySubway
SunAir (Now FlyBahia)


ITP1000 MOD Slight change to the gear and cockpit arrangement for MRTHS Air use
ITP1000 SEA Adding pontoons for seaplane use Pan Aqua (Now HarbourAir)
ITP1100 ELE Small regional electric plane, single engine, made for very small hops. MRTHS Air

Military Planes

Military planes are made for the same reason as passenger planes, and also to recreate historical planes. They are bought for a cheap price for Sunshine Coast and, for everyone and everything else, will be priced according to the purpose (i.e something bought for a museum will cost around the same price as SSC, and something for an enemy may be more expensive, though still within the bounds of reasonable).

Boeing 29 Superfortress

A large, quadruple turboprop plane made for long-range bombing in WW2, including the only use of nuclear bombs in war.

Terms And Conditions

  • You can paint our planes (as long as the propellers, engines, wheels, wheel shafts, doors and windows stay the same).
  • You can change our interiors.
  • You can put as many warps as you like in our planes.
  • We are not responsible for anything silly or MRT-rule-breaking you decide to do with our planes, but if you do, don't expect a refund.
  • You may not add or remove blocks from the exterior
  • You may not remove our signs crediting the plane to us
  • You may not resell, give away, or in any way give permission to use the plane to anyone or anything else.