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inTis Centre
Estify Region Logo
General Information
Location inTis, Eisli, Espil
Slated for completion 2020
Status Status: Service Construction.png Under construction
Rail Transit Operators EstiNet, Esti Mi, qTrain, PMWC
Bus Transit Operators Esti Bi

Deltix Centre is a mid-sized transportation hub in Espil. It is the primary transit centre for commuters in east inTis, Eisli, and serves as a major hub for southern Espil. It is located in the heart of Espil's cultural district, with direct connections to the Esti Mi, as well as an Esti Bi bus terminal. It is the closest major transit hub to  C80 , with qTrain shuttles operating between the two stations. It also serves as the southern terminus of PMWC's Pixl Shuttle line.


Planning for inTis Centre began in 2017, when a plot of land was reserved for its construction. As a result of improper planning,  C80  had ended up with no connections, despite being one of the major entry points for tourists into Espil. inTis Centre was slated to be the transit centre that  C80  never was. A qTrain shuttle was established between  C80  and inTis Centre, allowing for commuters to quickly transfer from the MRT to other modes of transportation seamlessly. The final terminal building is slated to be completed in 2020, as a result of development around the station being finalized.


Esti Mi
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inTis Centre
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Terminus C80 Shuttle
inTis Centre
Elgin Mills ( C80 )
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