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=== Jongryeong ===
=== Jongryeong ===
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Province of Inok
이녹도 砂蠍道
La province D'inok
Country Juhwa Islands
Organization 2 Cantons / 9 Districts
Government Body The Provincial Government of Inok
・ Canton Senators  
  - Jiri Vulpicula
  - Yowon vacant
Demonym Inoksupy
Population 4,650,800
・ Total $347.4 billion (1st)
・ Per Capita $74,700 (4th)
Calling Code (+4) 2--

The Province of Inok (Korean: 이녹도, Japanese: 裏緑道) is the smallest, yet the most populated province of the Juhwa Islands. Bordering north with the larger Gijo Province, it is the cultural intersection of the country as diverse cultures, industry, and entrepreneurship was introduced through this province. The noticeable community of British and French immigrants residing in the Canton of Jiri provides a unique, European cultural influence to the Juhwa Islands.


The name "Inok" (이녹, 裏緑) literally translates to "the lush center" in Sino-Korean. As the only major province of the country with a grassy terrain, the name was difficultly chosen due to the lack of choices leading to pronunciation issues. The name is also referred to as "Rinori" in Japanese.

This province was historically known in the beginning as "Mosudo" (모수도, 母獣島) which translated to "Mother Furry Island", and later revised to "Chodo" (초도, 草島) which meant "Grass Island". Both names were short-lived.


Being grassy and lush in the center with sandy beaches wrapping around it, Inok Province have a

Inok Province generally has a humid climate thanks to the warmer ocean waters surrounding it. As Juhwa Islands as a whole acts as an oceanic circuit for the Eastern Equinox Ocean, sea currents rotate around the country forming the Juhwa Circuit in anti-clockwise direction as Equinox Ocean is located in the southern hemisphere of the MRT World. The climate around Juhwa Islands towards the southeast tends to be hotter whereas the northwest is colder. This results in warmer ocean currents pushing northwards along the east coast and colder waters pushed southwards along the west coast. However, the Juhwa Strait between Sagal Province and Inok Province connects both east and west oceans which breaks the circuit into two (Sagal Circuit and Gijo Circuit).

Administrative Divisions

Sagal Province consists of four cantons and a self-administrated capital territory.

Jaeyoon Castle


The Canton of Dongryoon (Korean: 동륜부, Japanese: 胴輪部) is the center canton of Sagal Province. It houses the provincial capital and is considered the heart of the province.