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! Connects to:
! Connects to:
! Quiris
! [[Quiris]]
! Heights City
! [[Heights City]]
! Birchview
! [[Birchview]]
! Woodsdale
! [[Woodsdale]]
| A1 || Y || Y || Y || N
| A1 || || || ||
| A90 || N || N || Y || Y
| A90 || || || ||
| B17 || N || Y || Y || Y
| B17 || || || ||
| B93 || Y || Y || N || Y
| B93 || || || ||

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Ionian Conurbation SMP
Output 3DqiqC.gif
Cities Owners
Quiris _HeavenAngel_
Heights City Toaro
BirchView _crepper_
Woodsdale Hightech_TR
MRT Connections
Quiris  ZN15  Quiris South- ZN16  Quiris East- NW2  Foobar
Heights City  ZN14  Heights City,  C119 - ZN12  Mihama (Heights City)
BirchView  C1 - ZN13  BirchView
Woodsdale  ZN10  Woodsdale
Founded 12th June 2015

The Ionian Conurbation SMP

This graphic shows the cities of the Ionian Conurbation, as well as major A and B roads running through it.

The Ionian Conurbation SMP was founded on 12 June 2015. It consist of 4 cities along the Zephyr North Line from  ZN10  to  ZN16 .

The municipality is located in the North Eastern part of the MRT and is mainly in the Ward 1 region.

The Ionian Conurbation features integration and cooperation between these 4 cities, with the goal of becoming a relevant economic and military power in the MRT.

Do note that we are currently not accepting any other new towns into the SMP.

Ionian Conurbation Cities

[Premier] Quiris - Click me! :D

Marked in yellow in graphic provided.

[Mayor] Heights City - Click me! :D

Marked in blue in graphic provided.

[Governor] BirchView - Click me! :D

Marked in green in graphic provided.

[Senator] Woodsdale - Click me! :D

Marked in purple in graphic provided.



The Ionian Conurbation SMP was founded on 12 June 2015, with the goal of becoming a significant economic and military influence in the MRT.

Over 3 years, the conurbation has grown in size to become one of the largest SMPs in the MRT. It currently has mayor to premier cities.

Future Goals:

It is the goal of the SMP to become the largest private entity on the MRT. To have economic relations and interconnectivity with cities all over the MRT.


Neighbouring Cities:

The following are a list of cities sharing a border with the cities of the Ionian Conurbation: AEville, Dandenong, Stoneedge, Birch Forest and Bakersville.

We strive to maintain harmonius relations with our neighbours.


The Ionian Conurbation has designed an embassy that would represent all 4 of the Ionian Conurbation cities.

The dimensions of the embassy is 75 blocks long, 37 blocks wide and with a height of 68 blocks. If you are interested in having diplomatic ties and the embassy in your town, do add your username and city in the list below and mail _HeavenAngel_.

Embassy Locations:

Town/City Username MRT station of Town/City Co-ordinates (if no MRT)
Hathnes VernCow  C39  Foobar -
Pine Mountain BuildPilot - -
- - - -

SMP Connections



Connects to: Quiris Heights City Birchview Woodsdale

City Roads:

The Municipality is also well integrated through city road connections.

A map of operational routes.


Local Metro:

The SMP is connected by a inter-city metro that runs north-south under Quiris, Heights City and BirchView. It does not connect to Woodsdale.


The entire SMP is connected through the official MRT Zephyr Line, spanning from stations ZN10 - ZN16.

Private Railways:


RaiLinQ serves all 4 cities in the SMP via the 2000 ST, 1300 ST and 0200 IC lines.


There are currently 3 air facilities serving inter city flights and 1 non serving facility.

Airport Cities Represented No. of Gates Type
Leydon International Airport Birchview, Quiris 32 Airport
Woodsdale Municipal Airport Woodsdale 18 Airfield
Quiris Seaport Quiris 9 Airfield (Seaport)
QUASAR Runway Quiris NIL Research Facility