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Alert.png Note: This town is currently for auction. Contact DC1466 if interested. Alert.png
Town Officials
Mayor DCampite
Deputy Mayor 2DanyMany5
MRT  Y1  Morningside
Bus  CB1  ChoksterBus Line 1
Roadways Mrt 2 .png
Other transit  EST  Eastern System Transit
 TC  TerminusConnect
Facts and Figures
Population 0
Town Hall Coordinates 2489,65,-2250

Ironapple, is a town that is being built near Morningside. The neighboring town is called Frost City, a town built by MC_Protocol. This town is in an "Annoying Orange" video on YouTube. Click here to watch the video (That's not where i got the name from).


If you want a house in Ironapple, we have about 9 to claim. To claim a house (this is like claiming a P.O. Box in the MRT Mail Centre) just place a sign with your username on it on top of the door. If you don't like the house design, feel free to change it, but with perms from DCampite.


DC Labs

DC labs is a public redstone lab that is free to use.

Ironapple Transit Center

Ironapple has vacant bus and rail platforms. Ask DCampite to claim a platform.

Ironapple Streetcar

Ironapple Streetcar is a ground level transit system that shares the road with cars.

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png IS1 Horse Parking Station No connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png IS2 Ironapple Transit Center No connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png IS3 ChoksterBus Station No connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png IS4 BTBaker Station No connections