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| {{u|frogggggg}} || [[National Airlines]] || [[Segville International|Segville Int'l]]<br>[[Titsensaki Regional Airport|Titsensaki Regional]] ||  
| {{u|frogggggg}} || [[National Airlines]] || [[Segville International|Segville Int'l]]<br>[[Titsensaki Regional Airport|Titsensaki Regional]] ||  
| {{u|Airplaneguy9}} || [[SolAir]] || [[Foresne Omega Hills]] ||
| {{u|Airplaneguy9}} || [[Lunaria]] || [[Foresne Omega Hills]] ||

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John Denver Int'l
Southport(Mer) and Palestrpol Airport
Airport type Airfield
Owner/Operator PNTA
Serves Southport-sur-mer
Hub for Tekashi Airlines
Direction Length Surface
ft m
18L/36R 492 150 Black Concrete

John Denver International Airport, mostly abbreviated to John Denver Int'l, is an airfield under construction which will serve Southport and Palestropol.

The airport is named after John Denver, who was an American folk musician known for the song "Take Me Home, Country Roads".

Airlines and Destinations

There are no certain destinations as of November 20th, 2019. If you are interested for your airline to serve John Denver Int'l, please contact ondist on Discord or through the in-game chat services. The following users/airlines have reserved gate(s) at JDIA:

User Airline Destination(s) Notes
ondist Tekashi Airlines TBD Hub
Fiork777 Nex Airlines
PtldKnight Cascadia Airways Ilirea
Echohue FlyBahia SSI
woorich999 Infamous Airlines Richville
LightingMC MRT Airlines New Genisys
mi_aquamarine Michigana Kantō
KittyCat11231 IntraAir Deadbush WMI
frogggggg National Airlines Segville Int'l
Titsensaki Regional
Airplaneguy9 Lunaria Foresne Omega Hills