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|Murrville Arcadia and West Mesa / EIA
|Murrville Arcadia and West Mesa / EIA
|MAX and WMI / EA
|MAX and WMI / EA
|6A (Small)
|6 (Med)
|6 and 7
|6B (Small
| || ||
| || ||

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John Denver Int'l
Southport(Mer) and Palestropol Airport
Airport type Airfield
Owner/Operator PNTA
Serves Southport-sur-mer
Elevation AMSL 6,56 ft / 2 m
Direction Length Surface
ft m
18L/36R 492 150 Black Concrete

John Denver International Airport, mostly abbreviated to John Denver Int'l, is an airfield under construction which will serve Southport and Palestropol.

The airport is named after John Denver, who was an American folk musician known for the song "Take Me Home, Country Roads".

Airlines and Destinations

**Gates Alert**! Due to quick actions and not knowing about the extremely high demand for airport gates, John Denver Int'l Airport will be redistributing its gates. The price for a gate is shown below, or alternatively, a gate at another airport (of the same or bigger size). There are 3 small gates ($75), 3 medium-small gates ($100), and two heli gates ($30). First come first serve on the wiki. Pay ondist in game to receive final right to paste. One gate/person.

We strongly encourage to trade gates, instead of paying for them.

You will then also receive the number of your check-in counter.

User Airline Destination Name Destination Code Gate Payment Check-in
ondist Union Airways Villanueva Norton Airfield VNA 4 (Small) N/A 1
Fiork777 FlyJeomto Pasadena Airfield 5 (Small) N/A 2
Needn_NL KaloroAir Larkspur LAR 1 (Small) confirmed 3
Airplaneguy9 FlyLumeva Peacopolis Airfield PCE 2 (Small) confirmed 4
frogggggg National Airlines Murrville Arcadia and Titsensaki Sealerwhale MAX and TSA 3 (Small) confirmed 5
RacCort Waypoint Murrville Arcadia and West Mesa / EIA MAX and WMI / EA 6 (Med) confirmed 6 and 7
7 (MS) 8
8 (MS) 9
Heli 1 10
Heli 2 11