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Jungleville flag.jpg
The flag of Jungleville

UNEJ vlag.png
The flag of the Union of the North-East Jungle
Town officials
Mayor Majatho3
Deputy Mayor Vickiposa
Founder Majatho3
Town Councillors Vickiposa, Majatho3, imperial_block
MRT  JS2  Foobar
Bus  Jungleville Central Station  Foobar,  Jungleville Sheep road  Foobar,  Jungleville <JS2>  Foobar
Roadway(s)  B355N ,  B355S 
Facts and figures
Population around 18
Town hall coordinates 16595,83,-1097
Founded November 3rd, 2018
Town rank Mayor
World New World
Post codes 5000

Jungleville is a town on the Minecart Rapid Transit server owned by Majatho3 in the northeast jungle of the server. Vickiposa is the Deputy Mayor of the town. The town is part of the Union of the North Eastern Jungle that is owned by Majatho3 and imperial_block.

Reaching Jungleville

With the MRT-Line

You can reach Jungleville by MRT-Line. First you need to type /spawn and then go to the Central Park Expo station ( X0  Central Park), then proceed along the whle Expo Line East to  XE42  Bawktown South (Upminster)/ J0  Bawktown South (Upminster). Then, you can proceed along the MRT Jungle Line to  JS2  Foobar.

Previous station Next station
 JS3  Foobar
towards Bawktown South
 JS2  Foobar  JS1  Foobar
towards Bawktown South


Jungleville was founded on November 3rd, 2018 (when Majatho3 got citizen). The town got eventually Councillor on February 8, 2019 and it got Mayor on May 4, 2019.

Partnership with the UNEJ

Jungleville is part of the Union of the North-East Jungle which is owned by Majatho3 and imperial_block. They build together the CUNEJE or B355 from Jungleville to Midjungle.

Town Facts

-Jungleville has currently 41 buildings.
-Jungleville was founded on November 3rd, 2018.
-Jungleville is in the north of the East-Jungle.
-Jungleville is in ward 3.

Republic of Epsilon

Jungleville is also part of the Epsilonian Republic which is a parliamentary democracy, which the president is Modernart. It has now an embassy at a town on the South MRT-Line (west route).