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Kazeshima 風島
Flag of Kazeshima.png
Town officials
Mayor i____7d
Deputy Mayor idk
Founder i____7d
Water Kazeshima Ferry Terminal
Other transit FLR Kazeshima
Facts and figures
Population 1
Town hall coordinates -26397 16355
Founded 1/3/20
Town rank [Unranked]
Official language(s) Japanese, English
World New
Political Party Liberal Party
MPO Epsilonian Republic
Ward(s) 6
RepublicOfEpsilonFlag.png This city is a proud member of the Epsilonian Republic RepublicOfEpsilonFlag.png

Kazeshima is a town founded by i____7d on 1 March 2020, within half an hour of the Zeta Server's opening, on a remote and quaint island in Southwest Zeta. This town features a Japanese ambiance, mainly inspired by modern Japanese cities like Tokyo and Osaka.

Pronounciation & Name

Kazeshima is pronounced "Ka-zeh-shi-ma" (duh). It is a romanised version of the Japanese name, 風島 (かぜしま), which means Wind Island.


Incredibly hard. Bon voyage.

1. /tpa to i____7d.

2. Kazeshima Ferry Terminal.

3. Fly there.



Kazeshima was founded by i____7d on 1 March 2020, 1.20am SGT, after 20 minutes of inching to the location, restrained by massive lag. The first road built was Setsuritsu-odori (設立大通り), and it stretched from the center of mainland Kazeshima to Setsuritsushima, a secondary island separated by river off mainland. He then started on his own residence, a flagpole, and an FLR Kazeshima station (Setsuritsumachi station). The next projects were the Kazeshima Ferry Terminal, the city hall, the ForesInn, and an FLR Kazeshima office.

The spot was chosen as the founder, i____7d always wanted an island town, like how Singapore, Honolulu, or Jeju (irl); or GSM Town, Juhwa, or Hummingbird Islands (in the MRT) are so. It is also far from mainland (one needs to cross another island to get to mainland), which makes it harder to get to.


The Flag of Kazeshima is made of three colours: white, light gray, and red. The background is white, representing purity. There is also a red horizontal stripe in the middle, representing freedom and justice. Two light gray diagonal lines (bottom-left to top-right) overlay everything, representing wind.

Geography & Topology


Kazeshima is located in southwest Zeta, in lake 46.


Kazeshima's land is mainly on a plains biome, and some beaches as well. One day, it will expand to the forest located on the island.


idk yet sorry


Kazeshima has a lot of islands. They are usually either close to the mainland, or far away in the middle of nowhere.

List of Islands

  • Naka-Kazeshima (中風島) (Total: 17)
    • Setsuritsushima (設立島)
    • Setsuritsu Islets 1-6 (設立第1−6小島)
    • Terminal Islets (ターミナル第1-3小島) (Part of Far Islets Archipelago)
    • Far Islets 1-7 (遠い第1−7小島)

Total: 17; including mainland: 18

Administrative Divisions

Kazeshima is divided into different wards (区), which are divided into different districts (丁目). In Kazeshima, some districts can be made up of, or be part of a 'town' (町).

List of Wards & Districts

  • Naka-Kazeshima (中風島)
    • 1. Setsuritsumachi (1丁目 設立町), literally Establishment Town
    • 2. Konranmachi (2丁目 混乱町), literally Confusion Town
    • 3. Takimachi (3丁目 滝町), literally Waterfall Town
    • 4. Owomachi (4丁目 オウォ町), literally OwO Town
    • 5. Uwumachi (5丁目 ウヴ町), literally UwU Town
    • 6. Chūōkomachi (6丁目 中央湖町), literally Central Lake Town
    • 7. Tōkomachi (7丁目 東湖町), literally Eastern Lake Town
  • Senvang (千話)
    • 1. Kitsunebimachi (1丁目 狐尾町), literally Fox Tail Town
    • 2. Nekotoinumachi (2丁目 猫と犬町), literally Cat and Dog Town
    • 3. Takagawaramachi (3丁目 高川原町), literally High River Plains Town
    • 4. Sonzaishinaimachi (4丁目 存在しない町), literally Non-existent Town
    • 5. Yubiwamachi (5丁目 指輪町), literally Finger Circle Town
  • Kūryokuoka (空力岡)


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Internal Transport

FLR Kazeshima serves the whole of Kazeshima. (will do later)

External Transport

Kazeshima is served by Kazeshima Ferry Terminal.