Lanayru Isles

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The Lanayru Isles (pronounced La-nai-roo) are an overseas territory of the Socialist Kingdom of Cattington and the Epsilonian Republic located in Zeta. is a reference to a region in the video game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. In fact, nearly of every name is named after things connected to water from mythology and pop culture. It is home to one town, Tarrey.


The following are descriptions for the named islands of the Lanayru Isles.

Lehon Island

Lehon Island (pronounced Lee-hawn) is the largest island in the Lanayru Isles. It is home to the largest population of any of the islands in the Lanayru Islands. It has two lakes, Tarrey Lake to the north and Lehon Lake to the south. Two rivers flow from Tarrey Lake, Ouest River and Est River. The name is an obscure reference to a planet of the same name from

Star Wars.


Tarrey was founded on March 2, 2020. It’s name is also a reference to thoe aforementioned zelda game. Since it was only founded recently, there isn’t much info about it other than Purrcat2010 being the town’s mayor.

There are clearly more islands in the Lanayru Isles, but currently only one is named.