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(Aircraft for sale)
(Aircraft for sale)
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||LI-MS-1||50|| [[File:2019-08-13 15.13.48.png|thumb]]

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Lighting aircraft is a series of aircraft made by LightingMC in various sizes for various gates. There are different plane models used depending on the type of flight the plane is serving. MRT Airlines as of now is the only airline to use Lighting Aircraft Models. Lighting Aircraft Models are coded as LI aircraft.

Aircraft Families

Lighting 100s (LI-100s)

The LI-100 family is a family of the first short range regional jets made by LightingMC. They are designed to fit in small gates and are only used on short range flights. The current aircraft in this family is as follows:

LI-101 in the lab world.
LI-102 aircraft in New Genisys airfield.
LI-103 aircraft in the lab world.

Lighting LI-101

The first ever Lighting Aircraft Model. It is 14 blocks wide and 15 blocks long, with a 4 block wide body. The front of this plane does look kind of ugly, the plane was made even so the logo would not stick off of the sides of the tailfin. It has been replaced by the LI-102 and a model of this aircraft is preserved in the lab world.

Lighting LI-102

This is the most recent version of the Lighting 101, the body has been made 5 blocks wide with a more rounded nose. This uses small wings with two engines on each. This is 13 blocks wide and 14 blocks long. The logo does stick off of the sides of the tailfin of the aircraft for reflection purposes.

Lighting LI-103

Basically the same as the 102, but with 5 block long wings and a non evenly reflected logo on the tailfin.

Lighting 200s (LI-200s)

LI-200s are the medium sized aircraft models by Lighting. They generally have 7 block wide bodies and are designed to fit within medium gates.

Lighting LI-201

LI-201 in the lab world, no flights have been set up for this plane due to all medium gates on the new world being full.

This is the only medium aircraft in this family made by Lighting right now. Around 40 blocks long and 36 blocks wide and has a similar interior to the Epsilon Aircraft Manufacturing X-100.

Lighting 300s

LI-300s are long range aircraft for international flights with wide bodies.

Lighting LI-301

LI-301 in the lab world.

The LI-301 is the only aircraft right now in the Lighting 300 family. This aircraft is 60 blocks long and around 55 blocks wide. You may notice that the front of the aircraft is compressed. This is to make sure the aircraft can fit within large gates but still keep its desired seating configuration.

Aircraft for sale

Aircraft Model Cost
LI-MS-1 50
2019-08-13 15.13.48.png
LI-S-1 25