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{{lcm|Freedon|camelfantasy|RLcrafters|g|3|??|None|FSI, FQA|FRD|smp=no||}}
{{lcm|Freedon|camelfantasy|RLcrafters|g|3|??|None|FSI, FQA|FRD|smp=no||}}
{{lcm|Frosty Rivers|SoaPuffball|ModernArt|m|8|FR|||FRV}}
{{lcm|Frosty Rivers|SoaPuffball|ModernArt|m|8|FR|||FRV}}

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This is a sortable list of cities and their associated information on the MRT server.

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City Name Mayor Deputy Mayor Rank World Ward Postcode zone MRT station(s) Airport(s) City Code
Achowalogen Takachsin Tom_Pairs _Kastle Premier New 3 AT3 XE9-XE14 ATC ACH
Aeolia camelfantasy Senator New ? AL? AIC ALA
AEville AEhub LimeYT Mayor New 1 AE1 ZN18 AEV
Airchester CortesiRaccoon godzilltrain Premier New 3 AC3 C25-EC6, C26-EC7 EIA AIR
Amestris MRTWarning Tom_Pairs Councillor New 9 AM9 T17, T18
Arisa kekkomatic Premier Old E AR0 ARI
Arcadia Ardyle tarheelscouse Incorporated Old 0 AC0 ACD
Arcadium Ardyle tarheelscouse Unranked New 9 AC9 ARC
Armada Ardyle tarheelscouse Senator New 9 AR9 A25, A26-C107, C108 ARM
Ashmore enjineer30302 bensismith Mayor New 1 AS1 A3-ZN3 ASH
Astoria MIKE24DUDE TonyTajiri Senator New 4 AS4 C48 AST
Asuka _Kastle MeetMeInSpace Councillor New 7 AK7 XW24 ASU
Avant Heim computerghost angelzer0 Councillor New 6 AV6 AVN
Aviation Seastep Soso123 Unranked New
Bakersville FredTheTimeLord _Kastle Senator New 1 BV1 ZN7, ZN8, ZN9 BFA BKV
Baylon City Unranked New
Bearbury Osbuso ModernArt Unranked New
Beaufort frankbros429 nktrain Mayor New 4 BF4 P19 BFT
Bexley autobus22 AP_Red Senator New
Birch Forest City KuchenKenta Ardyan Mayor New 9 BF9 C114 BFC
BirchView creeperface_ MC_Dunc Governor New 1 BV1 C1-ZN13 BVL BVM
Birchwood Lake City PresidentQwerty Unranked New 1 BL1 C5 BLC
Birdhall Robang592 Jamess2912 Governor New 6 BH6 M27 BDH
Bronte Jian_Zen mervynang Mayor New 4 4 F30
Brunswick hnt TBD Councillor New 5 BR5 I17-C54 BWK
Camino MonseurKeks Omricon Mayor New 6 CI6 CAM
Canre Minecrafteer3 Unranked New 6 CE6 C65-D23 CRE
Central City MRT Server Administration N/A Unranked New 0 CC0 10 stations CCH CEN
Chalxior camelfantasy Senator New CFA CHX
Chesterfield jphgolf4321 Soleurs Incorporated Old NE CF0 G9 CFD
Chestwick Retnol SilverBubble Unranked New A-17, A-18 CHW
Christi mustang_guy MindBender15 Mayor New 9 CR9 T10 CHR
City of Evella LDShadowLord Tydorius Governor New 5 EV5 M10, M11 EVH EVL
Copperport MikeRoma MishkaMan Mayor New 9 CP9
Cornus unjinz minecrafter0505 Senator New 9 CN9 T7, T8
Covina _Kastle Tom_Pairs Governor New 1 CO1 C8 ATC COV
Creeperville Frosty_Creeper10 SoaPuffball Senator New 1 CR1 NE8, ZN23, ZN24, ZN25 HND CRP
Crystal City Skelezomperman samyankeesfan20 Incorporated Old E CY0 R11 CCX CCX
Dabecco Sirots Hnt Senator New 4 DBC4 F9,F10 DBC DBC
Dandenong MC_Dunc VernCow Mayor New 1 DD1 C2 DDG
Daneburg BaronThamesBank thomasfyfe Senator New 7 DB7 C78 DBG
Danielston mjpwwf CaptLincoln Senator New 5 DN5 D7 CWI DAN
Delta City AyyLion Narnia17 Mayor New 5 DC5 ZS12, ZS13 DCT
DesertView lfpp003 kekkomatic Mayor New 7 DV7 DEV
Downsview WashingtonTdt Ardyle Councillor New 5 DV5 ZS21 DVW
Dulwich Jian_Zen TheSubway Mayor New 4 4 P40
Eagleshore SkyjumperTalon woorich999 Mayor New 8 EA8
East Dandenong Eliteneon MC_Dunc Mayor New 1 BN1 C3 BEN
Eep EliteNeon ? Unranked New 6 EE6 EEP
Eisitasi computerghost _MajorMagpie_ Incorporated Old SW EI0 O21 EIS
Elecna Bay mine_man_ RLcrafters Governor New 5 EB5 I21, I22 EBI ELE
Ellesume _Kastle Tom_Pairs Mayor New 2 ES2 EN1 ELS
Enspington CaptainChimpy AP_Red Councillor New 2 EN2 ENS
Ephram Unranked New
Espil _InDev_ DoTehKeno_ Governor New 7 ES7 C80-C82 EEA ESL
Ezzo City _ezzo JustFarkie Mayor New 7 EZ7 XW12 EZZ
Falloway thomasfyfe BaronThamesBank Governor New 7 FW7 C76 FWY FWY
Farwater Diemundz JustFarkie Senator New 2 FA2 XE26 FRW
Forgotten Isle RLcrafters camelfantasy Councillor New 5 5
Formosa camelfantasy sesese9 Governor New 5 FM5 XW5-M5-D5, XW6, M6, D6 CWI FOR
Fort Yaxier camelfantasy 34lynx72 Governor New 5 FY5 I26 FYI, FYA FOY
Forty Two Leo_2807 Ardyan Councillor New 7 FT7 XW7 CWI FTT
Freedon camelfantasy RLcrafters Governor New 3 ??3 None FSI, FQA FRD
Freshney bensismith hnt Mayor New 9 FR9 A16 FNY
Frostbite SirNatureWriter CodyHM Councillor New 8 FB8 FRB
Frosty Rivers SoaPuffball ModernArt Mayor New 8 FR8 FRV
Furling mine_man_ CortesiRaccoon Councillor New 9 FL9 FUR
Glenbrook Callumjk Vulpicula Councillor New 7 GL7 M14 GLN
Gold City bspells enjineer30302 Mayor New 1 GO1 C118-ZN11 GOL
Golden City camelfantasy Councillor New 5 ??5 CWI ?
Grayzen cardinalland Hnt Senator New 1 GR1 XE3 GYZ
Greater Accerton CaptainChimpy AP_Red Mayor New 3 AR3 C27-ES7, C28, ES8, ES9 EIA ACC
Greenfields MC_Builder400 Needn_NL Councillor New 2 ?2  EN18  Foobar None None
Greenplain Heights j_universe0 Mayor New 5 GR5 ZS3 GPH
Haibian cookiesareedible Aliksong Mayor New
Hallarbor ROM5419 Councillor New 8 HA8 T38 HAL
Hanamura MikeRoma camelfantasy Councillor New ? HM? HMR
Harrington DC1466 _hnt Unranked New 9 HR9 T23 HRR
Hathnes VernCow MC_Dunc Mayor New C38-40
Heampstead MikeRoma Architect_21 Senator New 6 HS6 M42
Heights City Toaro HeavenAngel Mayor New 1 HC1 ZN14 HEC
Helix Bay TrainPro Councillor New C77
Hinkley AP_Red Yellowitcher Unranked New 6 HN6 HNL
Hiranomachi ZambilaisanOgre autobus22 Councillor New 8 HR8 C97 HIR
Hobelt FredTheTimeLord Councillor New 1 HB1 ZN8 HBT
Hokusei camelfantasy Derpy_Melon Unranked New 8 HS8 HKS
Houghton jphgolf4321 MinecraftYoshi26 Incorporated Old NW HT0 O5 HGT
Hummingbird Islands MinecraftYoshi26 _Kastle Governor New 3 HU3 C9, C10, C11 HIR HUM
Ilirea mikefishr _Kastle Senator New 7 IL7 XW17, XW18, XW19 IXM ILI
Inchmuir thomasfyfe BaronThamesBank Incorporated Old SE IM0 B19 ISA ICM
Insula Montes Earack Unranked New 9 IM9 n/a IMI
Izumo VernCow Mayor New 4 IZ4 C34 IZU
Janghwa M.C. LithiumMirnuriX Vulpicula Mayor New 7 JC7 M22, M23, M24/C70 JMC
Jeeka mustang_guy hawksfan1010 Mayor New 8 JK8 C98-T31, C99-T32 JKA
Kaloro City Needn_NL The_Subway Councillor New KAL
Kantō camelfantasy MikeRoma Senator New ? KA? KTA KAN
Kelvinside Martii_Scots01 mine_man_ Councillor New 5 KS5 C51-I20 KVS
Kensington mightyinfamous _Kastle Councillor New 8 8 WN27
Kenthurst AlikSong lalaboy Premier New 7 KE7 XW9, XW10, XW11 KNT KEN
Kessler lalaboy godzilltrain Governor New 8 KS8 T27, T28 KES
Khan HurricaneNathan Unranked New 5 KH5 F4-I4 KHN
Kita-Motohara woorich999 Frosty_Creeper10 Unranked New
Kitania KittyCat11231 AP_Red Incorporated Old S KT0 KMA, TCO KIT
Kloyne _InDev_ DoTehKeno_ Unranked New 7 KL7 C83 KLO
Kolpino City MishkaMan Detroit_Kitteh Governor New 7 KC7 M18 KOL KPC
Konawa Soleurs _Kastle Governor New 9 KN9 C110 HOR KON
Laclede jphgolf4321 _Kastle Governor New 9 LC9 T11, T12, T13, T14 LHT LCD
Lakeview Just_robinho Tarheelscouse Mayor New 4 LV4 P27, P28, EC15 LAK
Lanark Earack Derpy_Melon Governor New 9 LN9 C111, C112, C113 HOR LAN
Lancaster Ardyle Councillor New 9 LR9 A27 LCR
Liston SoSo123 Ardyln Unranked New
Liten Gopher KittyCat11231 Senator New 1 LI1 ZN19 LIT
Lochminehead DJMC2000 TrainPro Councillor New 4 4 V9 LMH
Los Doritos RLcrafters camelfantasy Unranked New 5 LS5 XW4, D4, M4 LOS
Loudoun DullesTdt camelfantasy Mayor New 4 LD4 F11-V12 LOU
Llamapolis KittyCat11231 jphgolf4321 Incorporated Old E LL0 ERS LLM
Magepond henrik645 Unranked New 5 MP5 I4 MGP
Maldita Unranked New 6 MA6 M24 MLD
Marblegate Just_robinho BaronThamesBank Governor New 3 MG3 ES10, ES11-F26, , ES12, F27 MLH MBG
Marblesheen Planner_12 Unranked New 5 MS5 C58 MBS
Mason City kiwirainbow Tarheelscouse Governor New 3 MC3 C12 MCI MAS
Mecklenburg tarheelscouse BaronThamesBank Unranked New 9 ME9 MEG
Melrose Martii_Scots01 _hnt Mayor New 3 MR3 P13 MEL
Merchant City Technological99 Kiwish_thing Mayor New 3 ME3 XE8 MER
Mesatown Unranked New 6 MT6 M30
Minami-Motohara Frosty_Creeper10 woorich999 Unranked New MI MCH
Mons Pratus Skelezomperman KittyCat11231 Councillor New 1 MP1 ZN4 MNP
Moton cardinalland Mayor New 7 MT7 XW26 MOT
Musique Missa_Solemnis The_big_fat_cat Mayor New 5 MU5 D10, D11, D12 MUS
New Acreadium DevranTheBoyxD Ardyln Senator New 1 AC1 ZN30, ZN29 NAI NAC
New Bakersville City FredTheTimeLord hvt2011 Mayor New 2 NB2 EN12, EN13, EN14, EN15 NBC
New Northbridge ? Unranked New 2 NN2 NNB
New Phoenix _MajorMagpie_ _ShadowQueen_ Mayor New 1 NX1 C4 NPX
New Woodbury AlfiePops AP_Red Senator New 8 ND8 C100-T33-WN15 NWD
Newport-on-Tay Kiwish_thing Technological99 Councillor New 1 NT1 C8 NOT
Newton-le-Willows Patrick44_LFC Mayor New 8 NW8 C102-T35 NLW
Nihongo Macftrax jphgolf4321 Unranked New 3 NG3 V8, V9 NHG
Nippia KittyCat11231 AP_Red Senator New 1 NP1 ZN20, ZN21, ZN22 NIP
Northberg nicbrats Unranked New 3 NO3 C29 NOR
North Haven hnt kiwirainbow Senator New 3 NH3 C14 NHV
Numark FredTheTimeLord Councillor New 6 NU6 NUM
Nymphalia SoaPuffball Kel5 Mayor New 2 NM2 NYM
Oakburgh mdbro55 Yellowitcher Mayor New 8 OB8 T3, T4 OKB
Oakley MIKE24DUDE Mayor New 5 OK5 F5-I5 OKL
Oasis Sands ConnConn2005 ModernArt Mayor New 7 OS7 OSS
Orio PtldKnight Soleurs Incorporated New 9 OR9 A24 ORI
Orwyn chiefbozx Tom_Pairs Incorporated Old NE OR0 G8 OWY
Palatium Tydorius LDShadowLord Councillor New 5 PD5 M9 PLD
Pearl Coast knowmads7 Governor New 4 PC4 PRC
Pine Mountain BuildPilot Derpy_Melon Senator New
Phoenix Valley 34lynx72 camelfantasy Councillor New 6 PV6 PHV
Phos City Soso123 RLcrafters Mayor New 3 PC3 F20-C33, F21 PHO
Pyeongmun City BangtanSky None Councillor New 8 PC8 none PMC
Quartz Bay zaxbyschicken decorminecraft Mayor New 3 QB3 P15 QZB
Quinault Antiversace AyyLion Unranked New 2 QN2 QNT
Quiris _HeavenAngel_ Toaro Governor New 1 QR1 ZN15 QRS
Radiance Square MindBender15 Soleurs Senator New 8 RS8 A9, A10 RSQ
Railroad Isle Casey_Jones3 Councillor New 2 RR2 RRI
Ravenna jphgolf4321 _Kastle Senator New 2 RV2 RAV
Redloch Tom_Pairs _Kastle Councillor New 3 RL3 C16-XE18 RDL
Retroville MC_Builder400 Unranked New
Richville woorich999 Cookie46910 Senator New 4 4
Rochshire MC_Protocol Earack Mayor New RC P3-V3
Rosemont Antiversace AlikSong Unranked New 2 RM2 RSM
Royal Ferry MIKE24DUDE TonyTajiri Mayor New 4 RF4 F2-I2-ZS2, F3-I3 RLF
Royal Plaza _AngelAlexander_ Starcubed Mayor New 4 RP4 P34-ES29 RPL
Royalston QueenSmae MeetMeInSpace Mayor New 4 RS4 V15 RYS
Savacaci SoaPuffball Seastep Mayor New 7 SV7 XW23 SVC
Scarborough sesese9 camelfantasy Mayor New 4 SC4 P21-V19 SCA
Schillerton chiefbozx _frozen Mayor New 6 SH6 SCH
Schusterlans ByteMega Unranked New 4 SU4 C44 LTH
Sealane RLcrafters tarheelscouse Governor New 5 SL5 XW2, D2, M2 CWI SEA
Seaview jamess2912 Martii_Scots01 Mayor New 7 SV7 SEV
Segville godzilltrain CortesiRaccoon Premier New 5 SG5 ZS6, ZS7, ZS8 SEG
Seolho LithiumMirnuriX Tom_Pairs Councillor New 5 SE5 SHC
Sesby 0rocketscience0 CortesiRaccoon Councillor New 3 SB3 EC5-C24 SBY
Shadowpoint EliteNeon Ben6331 Mayor New 1 SP1 SPT
Siletz Antiversace AlikSong Senator New 4 SI4 V13, V14 STZ
Simpang Tiga TakenName Councillor New 7 SP7 SPT
Snowtopic Duechayapol _hnt Mayor New 9 ST9 A31, A32 SNT
SnowVille camelfantasy knowmads7 Unranked New 9 SV9 SNV
Soiled Solitude Benie Suppoe Mayor New 2 SS2 SOS
Southlake helkama Mine_Man_ Mayor New 5 SK5 C49 SLK
Spawn City Frumple Tom_Pairs Incorporated Old 0 SC0 6 stations SPW
Splurgeville jphgolf4321 italadz57 Incorporated Old SE SV0 SVM SPV
Spring Valley Architect_21 Vulpicula Senator New 7 SG7 SPR
Spruce Hills Kenta1561 Aliksong Councillor New 9 SH9 SPH
Spruce Neck MikeRoma Architect_21 Senator New 1 SN1 A2, ZN2, T2 FDR SNC
Spruce Plains Shadowboarder Mayor New 9 SP9 T20 SPP
Stoneedge Soso123 BuildPilot Senator New 9 SE9 SE9 N23
Storalisburg Vulpicula Architect_21 Senator New 7 ST7 C94, C95 SBG
Subton-On-Sea Jian_Zen TBA Unranked New 2 2
Sydney JAYBIRDYouTube Unranked New 4 SY4 V25 SYD
TekTown ICTman1076 Squidman10 Unranked New 6 TT6 M26 TKT
Tetrapolis Starcubed jamess2912 Mayor New 9 TT9 T15 TET
The Port City of Victoria MC_Protocol Unknown Councillor New 4 94 None None
Thunderbird decorminecraft Hnt Governor New 4 TH4 F16, F17 THU
Totsworth gogojakeo tarheelscouse Mayor New 6 TW6 TOT
Tranquil Forest hvt2011 JTrain77 Senator New 4 TF4
Turtle Empire TurtleNation5 Derpy_Melon Unranked New 1 TN1 XE4 N/A TND
Utopia Narnia17 CMBGaming Governor New 5 UT5 D14 AFK UTO
Valletta mine_man_ Unranked New
Vegeta mine_man_ Tarheelscouse Senator New 8 VG8 VEG
Vekta Aliksong MishkaMan Senator New 7 VK7 VEK
Venceslo time2makemymove JTrain77 Senator New 5 VN5 ZS19, ZS20 VEN
Verdantium Mossie_1810 BuildPilot Senator New VRD
Vergil JohnNotTech _hnt Mayor New 3 VG3 P12 VGL
Vermilion chiefbozx _MajorMagpie_ Governor New 7 VR7 XW15, XW16 VER VER
Victorian City MC_Protocol Mayor New 3 VI3 P10, P11, P12 VIC
Wallowyn nopro_ RLcrafters Mayor New 5 WL5 XW3, D3, M3 CWI WAL
Washingcube nktrain stringle55 Senator New 9 WA9 A15 WCU
Watchfield powerminer01 the_blockmaster Unranked New 9 WF9 A8 WFD
Waterville PtldKnight Soleurs Senator New 9 WV9 A21, A22, A23 WTV
Waverly cal76 Councillor New 7 WA7 C79 WAV
Wazamawazi autobus22 Charlierobe Governor New 8 WW8 C96, C97, T29, T20, T31-C98 WZA WZW
Welsbury dragonbloon419 BuildPilot Mayor New 9 WE9 None None
West Calbar sesese9 RLcrafters Senator New 9 WC9 A13, A14 WCB
West Vermilion ryan_friel Councillor New 7 WV7 XW16 VER WVR
Whitechapel _hnt ? Premier New 8 WH8 A9, A10, A11, A12 WHT WHI
Whiteley AP_Red Unjinz Senator New 6 WT6 WHL
Winterside Needn_NL The_Subway Mayor New NE7 WIN
Woodsdale Hightech_TR allifarki Senator New 1 WD1 ZN10 WDD
Wythern Baseball02a Hnt Senator New 4 WY4 C41 WYR
Xandar Aliksong MishkaMan Mayor New 7 XA7 C85 XAN
Xilia Yellowitcher camelfantasy Governor New 8 XI8 T5, T6 XIL
Zaphkiel Vexpix camelfantasy Unranked New
Zaquar KittyCat11231 mine_man_ Governor New 5 ZQ5 ZS28, ZS29, ZS30, ZS31 ZQR ZQR