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The Low Cost Challenge, or LCC for short, is a challenge invented by Airplaneguy9. Its aim is to introduce route competition and more airlines on the MRT. It is mostly used by the Ukubhabha Airports Company in their close by airports.

How it works

The LCC is very easy to do.

What you need

  • Two close by airports, with at LEAST 5 open gates each


1. Tell Airplaneguy9 your airports. Both owners need to say they allow the LCC to happen to their airports.

  • Note: If one or more airports are owned by the UAC, or if you own both airports, congrats! No other person to allow the LCC.

2. Airplaneguy9 will put up the route on this page, where airlines can request gates.

How requesting works

  • There is one main rule to the LCC: the same route must be present on ALL gates i.e. All LCC flights from City A must go to City B, and vice versa.
  • Goddammit, ONE @#!#&#& GATE PER AIRLINE OMG. Self explanatory much?
  • If you use a completely new airline (called a challenger), gate is free. You have to pay $5 to request using an already existing airline.
  • Large gates cannot be used for LCCs. Who'd want to anyway?

If anything wasn't clear, just DM/mail me with your questions.

Current routes

Yeah, it's kinda new, so nothin yet. Stay tuned :P

Future routes

These ones are gonna be very competitive in the future.

  • Peacopolis to Foresne
  • Southoak to Foresne
  • Kazeshima to Shenghua