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*'''[[Foresne Omega Hills]]'''
*'''[[Foresne Omega Hills]]'''
  | f-cities =  
  | f-cities =  
*'''[[John Denver International]]'''
*'''[[[[John Denver International Airport|John Denver International]]]]'''
  | alliance = [[OneBlock Alliance]]
  | alliance = [[OneBlock Alliance]]

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Corporate Information
CEO Airplaneguy9
Subsidiaries Mercuria
Arrow Airlines
Parent Company Lumeva Airline Group
Facts and figures
Number of Destinations 2
Founded January 3, 2020
Airline Information
Focus Cities
Alliance OneBlock Alliance

Lunaria, previously SolAir, is an airline for the MRT, which aims to connect southwestern Epsilon and Zeta. The airline is owned by the LAG, and is headed by Airplaneguy9.




Flight From To Status
LN150 Foresne Omega Hills Southport John Denver Delayed
LN151 Foresne Omega Hills - Cancelled
LN200 Chan Bay Fort Yaxier Cancelled


Aero A-3

  • Width: 17 Blocks
  • Length: 15 Blocks
  • Fuselage Height: 5 Blocks
  • Total Height: 8 Blocks
  • Cabin Layout: 4 Seats

The first aircraft was delivered to Lunaria on January 13. Being the airline of Aero Aviation, the aircraft was chosen as the best amongst the A-1, A-2 and A-4. The A-3 is built to compete with the ITP-1000, SI-A-15, and EAM X-5/10.

Subway SI-A-300

  • Width: idk
  • Length: idk
  • Fuselage Height: idk
  • Total Height: idk
  • Cabin Layout: idk

Lunaria's medium-haul aircraft is built to operate longer routes. The aircraft will be the fleet backbone by June 2020.