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{{MBSNewsArticleHappening|GSM In Progress|[[File:MBSNewsHappeningThumbnail.png|800px]]|'''The September 2018 General Staff Meeting is currently underway.'''
{{MBSNewsArticle|September GSM Cocludes|[[File:NewAdmodBuildingMBS.png|800px]]|'''The September 2018 General Staff Meeting has ende.'''
'''Watch live on MBS at and follow us on Twitter for updates at'''
'''Watch as it as broadcast live on MBS at and see our live updates as they happened at'''
''by KittyCat11231, last update: 9/29/2018 @ 4:18 PM EDT''}}
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September GSM Cocludes
The September 2018 General Staff Meeting has ende.

Watch as it as broadcast live on MBS at and see our live updates as they happened at

by KittyCat11231, last update: 10/22/2018 @ 7:33 AM EDT

Rule Against "Belligerent Dissent" Passed At GSM
At the GSM on Saturday, August 11th, a proposal by Frumple to add rules against an offense known as "belligerent dissent" was passed.

The rules prescribe that players be given warnings for "complaining publicly about staff, the rules, or how the server is run", arguing with staff over rules, complaining about warnings and bans, and not accepting staff decisions. Frumple clarified in both his proposal and at the GSM that only dissent which is disrespectful will be disallowed.

At the Administrative Staff Meeting where his rule proposal was made on August 5th, Frumple stated that the proposal was in response to players who have been disruptive and disrespectful about their disagreement with the management of the MRT. This is likely in reference to the relatively recent bans of SoSo123 and PtldKnight.

by KittyCat11231, last update: 8/12/2018 @ 10:26 AM EDT

New System For PvP Arenas Using The Arena Plugin
At the GSM on Saturday, August 11th, a new system was announced for PvP arenas using the PvP arena plugin for arenas accessed by typing /pa.

The original PvP arenas at Wishington on the old world, managed by MinecraftYoshi26 and accessed by typing /pa 1-12, will continued to be maintained by him. Future PvP arenas will be evaluated by a committee of staff members, likely including MinecraftYoshi26, and may either join the "numbered" arenas or be given a name. The staff committee is expected to release PvP arena guidelines within a week of the GSM.

Frumple said PvP arenas should be built on the games world, however arenas which are designed like a stadium will be permitted on the new world.

by KittyCat11231, last update: 8/12/2018 @ 10:26 AM EDT

GSM Held On August 12th
The latest General Staff Meeting was on Saturday, August 12th.

Watch the GSM as it was broadcast live on MBS:

See our Twitter page for the GSM announcements as they were posted live:

The date of the next GSM has not been confirmed, but is expected to be in late September.

by KittyCat11231, last update: 8/12/2018 @ 10:26 AM EDT

_Kastle Remains As A Mod, Frumple Announces After ASM
At an Administrative Staff Meeting on Sunday, August 5th, _Kastle was reinstated to the full rank of Mod, after he was put on probation in May over an email he sent to the school attended in real life by banned player Mercury203.

Mercury203, who was banned in November, engaged in a campaign of harassment against members of the MRT following his ban, joining the server on alternate accounts to spread often profane insults directed towards members. In early May, MBS News is aware that Mercury203 sent a death threat to members of the staff in game using an alternate account. Shortly thereafter, _Kastle sent the email to Mercury's school to alert them of his behavior, using chat logs from the MRT as evidence.

The existence of the email emerged publicly on May 8th, when a Reddit post believed to be from Mercury surfaced revealing _Kastle's email had resulted in his suspension from school, and had been discussed two days earlier at an Administrative Staff Meeting. Frumple announced that night that _Kastle had been removed as a Mod, with Frumple saying that the email put the server at risk of unwanted legal involvement and constituted a breach of trust, criticizing _Kastle for not seeking his direct approval. It was reported that _Kastle showed the email to an Admin before sending it, but Frumple said that the Admin did not affirmatively approve the sending of the email.

Later on May 9th he was promoted to Trial Mod and placed under a three month probationary period, after discussion with other staff members. Frumple said _Kastle could be demoted again if there was "sufficient reason". However, at the June GSM, Frumple said _Kastle's repromotion was uncertain. At the ASM on August 5th, the Admins ultimately decided to repromote _Kastle to full Mod, taking him off of his probationary period. Frumple said after the ASM that _Kastle made a "pretty huge mistake", but had learned his lesson.

_Kastle's brief demotion in May was the first time a member of the staff has been removed for misconduct since early 2015.

by KittyCat11231, last update: 8/5/2018 @ 5:31 PM EDT

AP_Red & MinecraftYoshi26 Promoted To Admin, thomasfyfe Demoted To Mod
At an Administrative Staff Meeting on Sunday, August 5th, AP_Red and MinecraftYoshi26 were promoted to Admin, as thomasfyfe was demoted from Admin to Mod.

thomasfyfe was demoted from Admin to Mod for the second time over inactivity. He was originally demoted from Admin to Mod in November 2015, after having been an Admin since January 2013 and before that a Mod since October 2012. He was repromoted to Admin in October 2017. Frumple announced at the ASM that if thomasfyfe continued to be inactive, his position as Mod may be terminated, and that his position would be evaluated in three months.

To replace thomasfyfe, Frumple announced AP_Red and MinecraftYoshi26 have been promoted to Admin. AP_Red has been a Mod since November 2016. MinecraftYoshi26 was a Mod from December 2012 to his demotion in May 2014, and again since his repromotion in April 2015.

by KittyCat11231, last update: 8/5/2018 @ 5:31 PM EDT

New Rules On Ban Appeals Announced
At an Administrative Staff Meeting on Sunday, August 5th, Frumple announced new rules for players submitting ban appeals.

A 6th month waiting period is now in place for members who wish to appeal their bans, and players who submit an appeal which is rejected will not be allowed to attempt another appeal. The 6th month period rule took effect following the ASM, and at the ASM staff accepted the more recent ban appeal of pyth0n. However, players who submitted rejected ban appeals in the past are not invited to submit new appeals, the Admins confirmed to MBS News at the ASM.

by KittyCat11231, last update: 8/5/2018 @ 5:31 PM EDT

SPORTS & GAMES - hvt2011 Wins First United Sumotori League Championship
The inaugural USL season finished on August 5th with the USL Championship Series played between jphgolf4321 and hvt2011 in Laclede and Tranquil Forest.

After an exhilarating regular season, the playoffs followed suit. hvt2011 (18-1-1, 55 pts) and Talon (13-0-3, 39 pts) earned first-round byes as the 1 and 2 seeds respectively. The first playoff game in league history was played in Crystal City between 3 seed jphgolf4321 (10-0-8, 30 pts) and 6 seed Skelezomperman (2-1-9, 7 pts). jph prevailed 6-2 in that game and won the Quarterfinal series in a 2-0 sweep. In the other Quarterfinal 4 seed Cookie46910 (7-1-4, 22 points) defeated 5 seed mineman (6-1-1, 19 pts) 2-1. In Semifinal action jph took on Talon in a hard-fought series that ended in a 2-1 upset of heavily favored Talon, who had beaten jph twice in the regular season. In the other Semifinal hvt2011 handily dispatched Cookie in a 2-0 sweep. The inaugural USL Championship Series began in Laclede with Game 1, where hvt beat jph 7-1 in convincing fashion. hvt clinched the championship and the $1000 prize in Game 2 in Tranquil Forest, again beating jph 7-1. jph will take home $500 as a consolation prize.

Commissioners Skelezomperman, mineman, and jphgolf4321 have yet to announce plans for a second season, but based on the success of the first one it will be more a question of when than if.

by jphgolf4321, last update: 8/5/2018 @ 4:50 PM EDT

PtldKnight Permanently Banned
PtldKnight, mayor of Waterville, has been permanently banned by Frumple.

PtldKnight was temporarily banned by Frumple on Tuesday, July 24th for "being argumentative and unruly during the GSM". According to Frumple, his ban was upgraded for "continuing to be belligerent".

PtldKnight had been a member since 2015. In addition to owning the city of Waterville south of Armada in the northwest New World, PtldKnight also partly owned the FlyArctic airline, and was a shareholder in its successor Cascadia Airways.

by KittyCat11231, last update: 7/24/2018 @ 8:54 PM EDT

UNITED CITIES - United Cities Adopts New Constitution
The United Cities July 2018 election ended with a vote to enact a new Constitution of the United Cities and new officials in power, effective as of Wednesday morning, July 25th.

mine_man_ beat FredTheTimeLord, _ezzo, and MIKE24DUDE to be elected President of the United Cities in a race that went into two rounds of instant runoff. _ezzo and MIKE24DUDE were both eliminated in the first round after being tied for last at 8.3% of the vote, while FredTheTimeLord had 37.5% and mine_man_ had 45.8%. In round two, with _ezzo and MIKE24DUDE's votes redistributed, mine_man_ won with 54.2% versus FredTheTimeLord's 45.8%.

For Attorney General, ryanfr won in a landslide against CodyHM, with 82.6% of the vote versus CodyHM's 17.4%, to become the next Attorney General of the United Cities.

And for Chief Justice, KittyCat11231 won in a landslide against Cortesi, with 69.6% of the vote versus Cortesi's 30.4%, to become the next Chief Justice of the United Cities.

dragonbloon419 ran unopposed for Vice President, and thus won the election with 100% of the vote.

The United Cities also voted on whether to adopt a new Constitution proposed by the Constitutional Reform Committee, and whether this new Constitution should include term limits on Officers. The vote to adopt the new Constitution was a landslide, with 79.1% in favor of adopting the new Constitution versus 13% in favor of keeping the current Constitution and 8.7% in favor of dissolving the United Cities. For the term limit referendum, which asked whether or not the new Constitution should include term limits on Officers, a plurality of 41.7% voted to keep the current term limits, while 37.5% voted to have a limit of three consecutive terms and 20.8% voted to abolish term limits. However, in the second round of instant runoff, the vote to loosen the limit to three consecutive terms won with 56.5%, while keeping the current term limits received 43.5%. This marks the first time in a United Cities election in which the initial plurality winner in round one did not win the election.

The new Constitution the United Cities voted to enact was proposed by the Constitutional Reform Committee, which was formed at the end of last month as the United Cities was plunged into crisis following an incident in which Frumple stepped in to note perceived flaws in the United Cities as an organization. Following the incident, in which Frumple indicated that the United Cities' failure to sanction now banned member CaptLincoln for making an explicit insult against a member of the United Cities showed a failure of the United Cities' systems of rules enforcement, a resolution was proposed to dissolve the United Cities. Resolution 259 failed in the General Assembly by a 17 to 25 vote, with the most votes ever cast on a resolution in United Cities history.

MBS News aired a live special report on the events in the United Cities minutes after the resolution failed late last month:

Shortly following the failure of 259, Resolution 260, proposed by Skelezomperman, passed and was signed by President _Kastle, creating a committee to reform the Constitution of the United Cities. The committee, formed of Skelezomperman, ryanfr, MindBender15, KittyCat11231, and _ezzo, drafted a new proposal for a Constitution which would override the previous Constitution. The proposed Constitution was finalized the day of the start of the election, on July 15th, and can be viewed here:

At the GSM on July 22nd, Frumple said the resolution to dissolve the United Cities was "not the best course of action" and that he is "not dissolving the UC", but officially denounced the organization.

by KittyCat11231, last update: 7/23/2018 @ 8:47 AM EDT

MRT Turns Six Years Old
On Friday, July 13th, the MRT server observed the sixth anniversary of its 2012 founding, which was commemorated by a series of events leading up to and following the anniversary.

On July 8th, a speed build competition was held by Tom_Pairs to create a memorial to members of the MRT who had moved on from the community. On the 12th, one day before the anniversary, a game show called The Weakest Link was held by Just_robinho. And on the actual anniversary itself, Frumple hosted an online game of Secret Hitler. A PvP tournament was also scheduled, to be held by Tom_Pairs, which never happened. The final event was on the 15th, where Frumple hosted a series of online party games from Jackbox Games for MRT members. The Amazing Race 9 third session also happened to coincide with the 14th, the day after the anniversary, although it was not explicitly intended to be an anniversary event.

The MRT opened to the public on July 13th, 2012, running Minecraft 1.2.5 on the original Alpha server. Back then, the MRT's only world was what is now known as the Old World. The server's biggest expansion was two years and three months later, on October 4th, 2014, the date of the launch of the New World, as well as all of the MRT's secondary maps using the Multiverse plugin. This date marked not only a major physical change to the landscape of the server, but a change to its rules, ranks, and identity, as the more unrestricted nature of the Old World was replaced by a town ranks system which exists to this day. The New World was expanded on December 27th, 2016, four and a half years into the server's history, creating a new expanded area known as "Epsilon", after the name of the physical server machine the MRT transferred to to coincide with the expansion. The MRT has gone through four physical servers in its history: Alpha and Omega during the period before the New World, and Gamma and Epsilon in the period since, with Epsilon acting as the MRT's current machine.

by KittyCat11231, last update: 7/22/2018 @ 4:44 PM EDT

SPORTS & GAMES - AyyLion & Cookie46910 Win The Amazing Race 9
The ninth installment of MinecraftYoshi26's adaptation of The Amazing Race concluded with its fourth session on Saturday, July 28th, and was won by AyyLion and Cookie46910.

The top three team placings for each leg were mostly a contest between mine_man_ and KittyCat11231, hvt2011 and megascatterbomb, and autobus22 and PtldKnight. mine_man_ and KittyCat11231 finished first in every leg before the final session except for legs 4 and 6. hvt2011 and megascatterbomb won leg 4 of the race, while autobus22 and MikeRoma won leg 6, after both teams successfully completed fast forwards in their respective legs. Despite their performance in previous legs, hvt2011 and megascatterbomb were eliminated in leg 8. AyyLion and Cookie46910 won the race after not having come closer than fourth place in every leg prior to the penultimate leg 8, and autobus22 and PtldKnight, of which PtldKnight was subbed for by SkyjumperTalon, came in second, leaving mine_man_ and KittyCat11231 in third place.

The Amazing Race is a game show series which pits several teams of two against each other in a race around the MRT, divided into legs. In each leg, the teams race across the MRT to different locations to pick up clues, some of which require the completion of a challenge or activity in order to proceed. At the end of each leg, the last team to arrive at the final location of the leg, known as the pit stop, is usually eliminated from the race, and three teams remain for the final leg, a uniquely challenging leg requiring the final three teams to complete more complex and time consuming memory challenges regarding their knowledge of the events which occurred, locations visited, and things seen along the course of race for that season. The team which wins The Amazing Race wins a grand prize of $10,000.

MBS broadcasted three of the race's four sessions live. Those live broadcasts can be viewed at Legs 7 through 9 were not broadcasted by MBS, but were streamed live by Frumple.

by KittyCat11231, last update: 8/5/2018 @ 2:15 PM EDT