MRT City Review Board

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CEO/Founder tarheelscouse
Other Reviewers ArdyArd, Ezzocraft, Mine man, Kottlewing
Founded 19 March 2016

The MRT City Review Board is a board of reviewers, who, rather than criticising a town's "flaws", praise its unique points and character. We believe that all towns are equally valid and should be recognised such- reviewing a town on a points basis or by categories doesn't recognise the hard work that goes into a town. People's hard work should not be quantified as a number, it should be evaluated from the perspective that it is already a success.

All cities reviewed will therefore receive 25/25 points (we only even recognise points in order to help discount competing boards' systems).

To get a review, talk to a reviewer. To become a reviewer, talk to Tar :)

If you feel a MRT CRB reviewer has been critical or unfair regarding your work, please contact Tar.

City Name Reviewer Score /25 Comments
Vegetus tarheelscouse 25 A lovely, themed town nestled in the Taiga. Lovely transit and green space solutions.
Mecklenburg tarheelscouse 25 Though small, a lovely, themed town, complimenting nearby Daneburg well.
Spruce Neck ezzocraft 25 It is an amazing town. Town Hall services the city well, roads can be compared to the famous Vermilion. It has a nice style.
Hallarbor mine_man_ 25 Beautiful architecture and lovely road systems which compliment the landscape in the taiga.
Unnamed Town of Verncow ArdyArd 25 Although the town has started very recently, it still looks impressive. Good usage of colors and a fitting style overall.
Tetrapolis mine_man_ 25 Great looking futuristic town. It has many interesting styles of build and a really cool maglev monorail under construction.
Ezzo City tarheelscouse 25 Compact, urban style and excellent transit opportunities make this a town not to be missed.