MRT Civil Aviation Organization

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MRT Civil Aviation Organization
Board Of Directors
General Director Cortesi
Facts and figures
Headquarters Central City
Founded February 2014

The MRT Civil Aviation Organization (MCAO), is a specialized agency of the MRT Server. It keeps track of all ofthe Airports and Airline Companies on the Server.


This Corporation started as the MRT Server Airline Organisation (MSAO) that kept track of all of the heliports on the Old Server. In the future, with the opening of the New World, and after the Airport rule on the Old Server was disbanned, the MSAO switched name to MRT Civil Aviation Organisation (MCAO) and upgraded keeping track of all of the Airports, Heliports and Airline Companies. When the New World Came MSAO also wrote down all of the airports on there.

Airport List

Old World

Code Airport Name Class Coordinates Gates Runways NOTAM
MRI MRT International Airport *** 1846,65,-2777 28 1 Runway Lights Not Done
Landing 36. High Train Track. Caution
MRR MRT Regional Airport ** -870,64,1783 15 1 Runway Lights Not Done
Landing 36. High Train Track. Caution
MRA Miningstone Regional Airport * 2 Airport Under Construction
AIA Andromeda International Airport *** 1442,65,1762 5 1
KMA Kitania Municipal Airport ** 631,64.3112 13 2
TIA Treplöw International Airport * 973,64,1394 9 1 Small Runway. Caution
BIO Amphibio Airport Amphitheatre ** 121,64,1369 3 3
SIR Stanley Island Regional Airport * -2544,64,-2650 1 1
AFX Fairfax-Atlanta Metropolitan Airport *** 1517,64,-1900 23 1
MCA MineCity Airport * 311,64,1221 7 1 Small Runway Caution
OIA Omerah Isles Civil Airport * -2560,64,-2592 5 1 Small Runway Caution
WOI Western Ocean International Airport *** -888,64,61 29 0 Planes need vertical launch #DaHell?
ZRA Zicronia Anaconda Regional Airport * 3175,64,2921 4 1 No Runway Codes. Caution
CCF Chack City Airfield * 1471,64,2280 1 1 Small Runway Caution
HMN Akane - Ishuzu Int'l Airport ** -1633,64,226 9 1
HCY Hamanei Municipal Airport * -1984,64,468 1
OCA Omerah City Airport ** -2829,65,-2433 8 1 Gates A1-4 are not connected to runway yet Caution
CBA Chokster City Borderline Airport ** 3164,64,-2855 6 1 Runway lights out of service Caution
AAF Autotown Airfield * 686,66,-2715 1 1 Single side runway Caution

New World

Code Airport Name Class Coordinates Gates Runways NOTAM
EIA Epsilon International Airport *** 7937,64,-34 24 1
ZQR Zaquar Ménage et Trois Regional Airport ** 1125,64,9795 6 1
IXM Ilirea Midcity Airport ** -6324,64,-1485 13 1
VER Vermilion Gateway Airport ** -4938,64,-1296 13 1
WHT Whitechapel Sky Harbor *** -3076,64,-2357 20 1
KNT Kenthurst Aerodrome ** -2566,64,-190 6 1


Code Airline Name Owner Alliance Hub(s)
EA Eastern Airways samyankeesfan20
UnitedSkies EIA
AA ArdenAir nopro998 SkyTransit
CL Caelus Airlines TechnologyPro MRI
IA IntraAir KittyCat11231 SkyTransit WOI
LI Ilirea Airlines mfish125 SkyTransit IXM
AP Air Peach bestmate66
UnitedSkies AIA
RQ RegioLinQ autobus22 Stanley Air Alliance TIA
BA BenAir bensismith Stanley Air Alliance OCA
SW SkyWest Airlines _frozen WHT
RY Ryozu Airlines tarheelscouse UnitedSkies HMN
GS GoldSkies bspells UnitedSkies
SJ ScotsJet Martii_Scots01 UnitedSkies VMI
BW Birchwood Airways sesese9 UnitedSkies
EV Evolved Airways JamesGaming
VA Vermilion Airways chiefbozx SkyTransit VER
PO Polar Airlines helkama